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Sofia Marie

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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2011|06:17 am]
Sofia Marie
[Current Location |US, South Carolina, Spartanburg, Bruce Ave, 2310]

iPhone app may save this thing?

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(no subject) [Jul. 18th, 2010|10:43 pm]
Sofia Marie
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(no subject) [Jun. 1st, 2009|02:51 pm]
Sofia Marie
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(no subject) [Sep. 11th, 2008|04:48 am]
Sofia Marie
maybe i should let this live journal world in on a small secret...

i no longer post here.

i post at www.myspace.com/sofee   ...  yeah, i know. how shameless.

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(no subject) [May. 27th, 2008|05:47 pm]
Sofia Marie
 back in Georgia to see Krista and play at Fucking Field Day.

maybe if i stay drunk these few days will feel like a party rather than time unfolding to a bitter end.

i'll have to go back, and face some facts.

nothing new.

does dr. wayne dyer creep anyone else out? for sure.
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bag lady. [Apr. 18th, 2008|06:27 pm]
Sofia Marie
 forgot about this again, for a minute... ha.

moving to Spartanburg here shortly.

already up here for a few weeks, have to go back to GA sometime for my few things.

rent is so much cheaper.

don't know anyone.

don't know where anything is.

am pirating wireless internet from who knows who in this building...

bought some boiled peanuts today for lunch.

so it's kind of perfect.

we'll have to see how this goes.

theirs a couple right above me who has blowout fights every weekend and crazy wall pounding sex all week... so, you know, who needs tv?

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now and then. [Apr. 1st, 2008|04:06 pm]
Sofia Marie

getting ready to finally take a break and read last night when i discovered it was 3AM... had to wake up at 8:30 instead of 7:30.

all in a day's work. or play.

stayed cooped up over the last few days, plan on being in here until thursday night. house sitting for my brother in laws mother while her husband and her are in New Jersey. easy way to make 200 dollars. you know how money easily made is money easily lost? well it's true... have to pay back my sister, buy cigarettes, and not touch the rest until the week of my birthday in july, the whole of the athens friends, close and extended will be renting a house on some beach in florida, i forgot where... basicly every thing else i make will also be saved for the trip. nothing to show for it but memories and a few good hang over's.

the house i am watching now is located in downtown Winder, it's a certified historical site, but very clean on the inside... I keep making up my own history of the house, who lived here, what happened to them, why they had to move, how they passed on, that kind of thing. so i've turned this cold and somewhat dreary old home, into this full bloom nest of probably every book i've read rolled into a history of wild random events. it helps the boredom.

basicly, it would probably be beneficial to be dating at this point. not that i have been against it before... but, i want to meet a guy i havent
already met 20 times before. but that's probably not very fair...

"i want one-uh them readers, that's what i want!"

and then i'll have to, try to, you know, keep my excitement really under control... I have this tendency to see a speck of intellectual spark in someone and think "fuck, i would give you anything you want on demand if you would just talk to me about something halfway impressive."

and then i get kind of grossed out by my self, and cool it, but by that time, it's like. where did they go? 'cause i spent too much time thinking and checking my actions, then enough time actually being present and in the moment... perhaps it is immaturity?

all i know is what i want out of life so far, and that is to one day be very old, moderately wise, passionately in love, still being able to have good old earth shattering orgasms and if i can swing doing this (www.primitivism.com/nothing.htm) for at least a year...

well, you know.

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(no subject) [Mar. 30th, 2008|01:49 am]
Sofia Marie

what can i say about last night? another night in Athens...
Paul rented a room at shokitini for Crystals birthday.
I arrived late, but managed to get a couple of whiskey sours, karaoke and laughs in before we all left.
Afterwards went to Copper Creek for second happy hour, shooters for a dollar.
didn't think they were going to let me in, but luckily the doorman kept assuring me that he remembered me and didn't need to see my I.D... a fluke i would have thought if it werent for the wink while touching my side.

Somehow ended up at this bar called 80's for last call, i've automaticly not wanted to visit it since the first time I went to athens, a lot of guys standing around, watching, waiting, for any hole to stick it in... and drunk girls, bleached, shaved, lubed and ready. creep show.
but thats where everyone went, so i jumped off the bridge.

standing by the bar, trying to get the bartenders attention over too many screams I felt someone on my butt, I turn around and this guy is leaning over me with his crotch pressing right up against my ass while trying to look like he was just trying to get the bartenders attention too and has no idea. I pushed him back a little with a "fuck you" facial expression. He laughed in my face and through up his hands like "I had to!" and then walked off into the crowd.
I ordered 3 shots instead of one and walked back to the group.
soon after,
a fratty kind of guy tried chatting me up for awhile, so i ended up talking to him for about 10 minutes...
conversation as follows,
"do you have a light?"
"yeah... here..."
"you look interesting, am i ruining your night?"
"no, some guy just pissed me off."
"Really? How?, I just like meeting new people and you looked like someone worth talking to for a bit."
"That's cool... Thanks... He leaned over me on the bar with his crotch on my ass..."
he then laughs in my face. "Well, you cant blame him... I'm John!"
"Caprissa? I love that name."
"I've ruined your night now, can I buy you a drink?"
"No, actually I'm alright."
"Oh, a Miller Light? Okay I'll be right back!"
He then walks away
BonBon and Sarah then start dancing around me, yelling "Get it girl! Get it girl! Get it girl!"
My stomach grumbles and i have to laugh at them, honestly.
"Stop... he was rediculous... did you hear any of that?"
"No! So what? He was cute!"
i looked around the room and laughed again.
He comes back with the beer.
"Here you go, listen, I've ruined your night, I'm gonna go find someone else to talk to, but I want to know who your favorite classic rock band is before I go real quick."
at this point something inside me didnt believe he was going to go away that easy so i said the first thing that came to mind...
"The Steve Miller Band."
"Steve Miller? He only has one good song, ya know The Joker?"
"thats completely rediculous."
"Yeah, I like Boston and stuff... anyway, good to meet you."
"Thanks for the beer."
I walked off quickly.

after that it was a hazy two hours of Marky Mark and Shots of Jack Daniels... Found a pack of cigarettes on the ground and drunkily ranted about how Athens really didnt deserve to have Henry Rollins on the way home, then somehow ended up passed out on the couch.

what the fuck turns some little boys into the biggest chauvinistic pricks? if i'm out at a bar, it doesnt mean I want to suck your dick... even though the only reason you're their is to get off, alright?


did anyone else catch the Peter & the Wolf animation a couple of nights ago on TV?

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good morning. [Mar. 28th, 2008|01:06 am]
Sofia Marie
now take it easy there in the early morning
if somewhere there lies a cadaver
or something is foul in the state
you can be sure that a writer is not far behind
with his excellency I only say
hands off literature
the laurel wreath one gets today
second hand so to speak
from the empire's stores
sold underhand at the alexanderplatz
with all the wigs and costumes
twitching from the shoulder one is informed

well, that's the new times.
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what you are looking at now is the beginning of a process. [Mar. 26th, 2008|04:53 pm]
Sofia Marie

figured I was going to kick this off with a detailed and clear exposition of where the world culture is at, why, and why cultural evolution can result in (and has at present) a retrogressive situation peopled by warlords, pathological power addicts, cheaters and six pound users. the shrinking owner class spinning downwards into insanity, also the other 99%: us modern bums.

but instead figured I'd clean up the house again today, shower, and brush my teeth.

i slowed way down this week and it has not been very pleasant. some sort of internal reorganization. deep slumber inside. too bad i can't let my body slow down with the mind inside.

letting you know, you know, the feel, look and content of this blog will continue to blossom in time. too much white/black text can be creepy. i know, i know it's an integral component of a lot of beautiful work. but maybe it's just my urge to make a mark. play dough. handprint. quicksand. I want more color in the subject of my posts... perhaps i will post some art.

what is it about the human that drives him or her to stay busy? yesterday my brother in law cut the electricity to my side of the house. he had to install some new light socket, so i relocated a canvas near my window and a couple of tubes of paint and puttered around. later he stopped by out of curiosity, because he cut the lights and i didn't neccesarily "come out", but he remarked that i did my best painting in the dark.

and it's true.

today started up bright and beautiful so i did about 10 things simultaneously, still am for that matter.

been sleeping on the couch so my sister & nephews can have my bed, i wake up more tired than i was before i laid down. they seem to be having a really good time here although. like they should, because sharing a single hotel room with my parents for two weeks while they are all homeless would be unsettling.

through the key hole of an open door,

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