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Jan. 17th, 2010

(no subject)

 I wish someone actually read this :(

'Cus then I just feel like I'm talking to myself.

Jul. 10th, 2005

(no subject)

Hi everyone, I got a new journal a couple of weeks ago, it's oh_oh_fuoco. if you'd like to still my friend, add me on that one... ♥thanks

Feb. 15th, 2005

(no subject)

it's funny how even though the texan saw my myspace & blog all about her
she still thinks im evan
her friend told me to ask her to the school social friday
i agreed
valentine's day was yesterday
nothing special really.
i got a lot of candy but people didn't know im on a diet.
so i gave it to my dad.
except for the m&m's
i love m&m's.
even if they're only chocolate - covered - chocolate. ♥
my wallet was stollen the other day, but i got it back
with 3$ in it. thanksss ♥
also, my iPod broke
but the nice man at the apple store fixed it for me
i was very thankful, because otherwise i'd have to wait
3 hours for an appoinment with a tech specialist at the store to fix it.
because that's how many people were buying apple merchandise
for their valentine's on sunday. awwww

a few weeks ago i was snoop dogg's assistant rapper in a dream

Jan. 23rd, 2005


So many children!! This one is in 8th grade, at Grand Ave. im x not okay: my lesbian friend! back for more? anGry x xchickEn: no sorry im x not okay: please anGry x xchickEn: ima kill yew. im x not okay: not if i kill you first anGry x xchickEn: Ima kick you in da ovaries. im x not okay: AH MY BABIES anGry x xchickEn: Good they were going to be the spawn of evil anyway. FUCK I HATE 8TH GRADE LESBIANS THAT WANT MY BODY.


Alicia:: This one imed me concerning the evan thing. I told her i was evans cousin, and that i got hit by a bus.

 (me)shecriesLIARLIAR: did u knoe i onlii got 2 armz?!
shecriesLIARLIAR: how fuccin sad is DAT
uH Oo ItZ ALiCiA: im not sure


 This one is from Texas. Dallas. (All her information i found out was from her xanga.) 

Damn texansCollapse )

Dec. 24th, 2004

(no subject)

well i got a myspace cuz i wanted too & bc people told me to get one


i kno it sucks nd i have no friends yet but ohhh well :]

p.s. can anyone help me with the overrides for myspace? kthxx :]

(no subject)

yay!!! it's christmas eve. later i am going to my aunt's house where like alll of our aunts & cousins will be there and it will be loud and there might be pudding pie if we can find it.

well this like past week & a half i wasn't in school except for like wednesday and thursday cuz i had mono & stuff. and when i came back i got a lot of work even though i wasnt there for like the past whatever. here's what i got for xmas!!

---- 10 paragraph global essay on changes in europe between 800-600 bc and 600 bc - 1450 ad
+++ elmo slippers
- freshman seminar creative writing essay
++ necklace
+++ gift certificate to maximus spa :p
--- 3 science labs and one extra credit science lab
+ candels
- science test when i get back from break
+++ hollister gift card
--- ss test when i get back from break
+ bath stuff
++ cards
+ bag

& thats it soo far. <3

tomorrow i get my iPod!!

Dec. 15th, 2004

(no subject)

im sick

yesterday i left school early with swolen glands or soemthing nd now i am home sick today & i am staying home tomorrow. :[ SOOO today i watched Harry Potter! then i watched silly christmas movies. Like the heat / snow meizer one.

here is some valuable information i learned::

Im mister white christmas, im mr snow. Im mr iceicle, im mr ten below. THey call me snow meizer; whatever i touch; turns to snow in my clutch! Im too much :]
Im mister green christmas, im mr sun. Im mr *o fuck i forgot*, im mr 101. they call me heat meizer; whatever i tough; melts in my clutch! im too much :]

aww, now im sad that i dont remember.

Dec. 6th, 2004

(no subject)

haven't written in some time ! :O

well a lot's been going on!!  i went and saw hawthorne heights with cat raina rob jen nekio laura and caroline.. umm raina and i were on the guest list cuz of her cousin  / uncle used to play there a lot,  so we got them all in for freeee. It was hot. then stuff happened and now my life is where it is now! :] happy. christmas is almost soonnnn and to get in the mood i listened to xmas music the other day and drew pictures with marissa. of hannukah harry / muslim mohammad / bhuddah barry ? / ramadan randy!  it was a lot of fun, then we called up 411 and asked for santas number. "YOU STUPID BROWNIE!" i yelled cuz he sounded like he owned a deli and did not give me santas number.

Nov. 23rd, 2004

(no subject)


Well in case any of you ever wondered, i eventually finished my dbq. like. 3 days ago. Yay! today in school i talked to lauren again with darrah.. i missed her! we agreed that we're going to the mall friday, and i insisted to my research teacher that the girl in corn is a beauty queen. tomorrow is the last day before thanksgiving, and i am looking fowards to throwing a large turkey at someone, causing them to slip into a coma. i have work tomorrow, and after that i get to see cattus! i missed her, and i better not get shot.

Nov. 22nd, 2004

(no subject)

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