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After the night, there's a brand new day.

That's all the time that it takes for a heart to beat again.

Susannn AKA @motelcowboy
11 January 1987
I'm Susan.
I'm a newlywed, married since 13 March 2010.
I never write in my LiveJournal.
You can find me on Facebook or Twitter.
I love Texas country music.
I dye my hair way too often.

[adult swim], adam baldwin, adam brody, alan tudyk, alton brown, austin, azumanga daioh, b:tvs, baking, bart crow band, bath and body works, brave new bookstore, brownies, buffy, cake, cats, cchooks, chicago, chocolate, coffee, coldplay, comedies, cookies, cooking, corpus christi hooks, cory morrow, country, cross canadian ragweed, daniel radcliffe, david allan coe, diabetes, diesel sweeties, diet coke, diet dr pepper, doctor who, dodge, eisley, eli young band, evil laughs, eyeliner, feasting on asphalt, firefly, fluffy dresses, food network, fullmetal alchemist, gary allan, giada de laurentiis, glenn beck, good eats, harry nilsson, harry potter, heb, henri bendel, himym, homestar runner, honeybrowne, house md, howimetyourmother, hugh laurie, idina menzel, iron chef america, james avery, jesus christ superstar, jewel staite, joaquin phoenix, johnny cash, joseph gordon-levitt, joss whedon, kaylee, kevin fowler, knitting, knitting patterns, kris farrow, last.fm, lolcats, makeup, mandolin, mark ori, mascara, micky & the motorcars, minor league baseball, nascar, nathan fillion, no justice, oasis, park, pat green, pee-wee's playhouse, phil pritchett, piercings, pincurls, pot, project runway, radio free texas, reckless kelly, red hair, red vs blue, remington, robert earl keen, roger creager, rooster teeth, rupert grint, sailing, saw varsity's horns off!, sean hannity, serenity, shooting, shopping, shotguns, sleep, smoking, star wars, stewart mann, stoney larue, subway, talk radio, tattoos, taye diggs, taye+idina=love, texas, texas a&m, texas country, texas roadhouse, the beatles, the oc, the rocky horror show, the spill canvas, third rock, tim gunn, tony stewart, top chef, turpentine, tyler, type-1 insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, vintage hair, voodoo experience, voodoo music experience, wade bowen, walk the line, wash, whataburger field, wicked, willie nelson, xkcd,