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Secret Smile Writing


Lisa Murphy
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Hello. I write a lot. Sometimes I make icons, hence the name.
ace ventura, adam sandler, airplane, aladdin, alan partridge, alice in wonderland, ally mcbeal, angel, anime, bambi, batman, battle royale, baz luhrman, beauty and the beast, benny and joon, big fish, black books, blackadder, blink 182, bob mortimer, books, bottom, brand new, bright eyes, britcoms, brother bear, buffy the vampire slayer, card captor sakura, catterick, chobits, cinderella, clerks, clue, clueless, coffee, comedy, cs lewis, david bowie, discworld, disney, disney icons, dogma, drop dead fred, edward scissorhands, empire records, evanescence, family guy, fantasy, father ted, final fantasy, finding nemo, futurama, harry potter, harry potter icons, icons, interview with the vampire, invader zim, jim carrey, jk rowling, johnny bravo, johnny the homicidal maniac, kenan and kel, kill bill, kingdom hearts, kung fu hustle, labyrinth, lady and the tramp, lee evans, lewis carroll, lilo and stitch, little britain, little nicky, lord of the rings, lost, love hina, mallrats, manga, marilyn manson, mary poppins, matilda, monsters inc, monty python, moulin rouge, mulan, muppets, my chemical romance, napoleon dynamite, nightwish, peter pan, philip pullman, pirates of the carribean, poetry, queen of the damned, red dwarf, rik mayall, roald dahl, rock profiles, romeo and juliet, scrubs, shaolin soccer, shaun of the dead, shooting stars, shopping, simon pegg, sleeping beauty, smallville, southpark, spiderman, spongebob, stand by me, still game, strictly ballroom, superman, tarzan, terry pratchett, the aristocats, the beatles, the black cauldron, the breakfast club, the chronicles of narnia, the corpse bride, the crow, the emperor's new groove, the incredibles, the league of gentlemen, the lion king, the little mermaid, the mighty boosh, the nightmare before christmas, the royal tenenbaums, the sandlot kids, the simpsons, the tenth kingdom, the used, the x files, the young ones, tim burton, tim curry, tolkien, vic reeves, writing, yellowcard, zoolander