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i want a lover i dont have to love [entries|friends|calendar]

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1 wasted promise ♥ want out?
[09 Apr 2005|10:36am]
so last night was amazing
i had rehab from 4-8
na from 9-10
and then spent the rest of my night at a bar!
..extremely contridicting lol?
i didnt drink though, im 31 days clean today.

i met up with the girlies at the saloon at 10ish
to see sandtman, uhl and bernardi (our teachers from school)
play in the band they were fucking amazing! uhls voice is crazy,
we were there till 1ish and it was just so much fun
dancing around and singing on the top of our lungs
specially me julia, t(math), and goodman (history )
it was also amuzing to see all of our teachers at the bar drinking
as jamie would say " see steph, normal people can drink" lol.

today i have work from 12-5
then im poppin in to the city till late
to go to the lovely transvestite bar w/the fam
do a little city shopping //fun stuff..pics defintly are coming

20 wasted promises ♥ want out?
locked [25 Mar 2005|03:21pm]


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