yeah soo.... haven't updated in awhile, but i'm amazingly bored right now so i guess i will. just got back from the semi and it was allright, won our game against westfeild today. semi finals! haha. yesss. but also kind of pissed cause my parents are taking the air condition out of my room to give to steph! why?!?!? my room is like half the size of hers and hers is already small! you think they could ATLEAST have the decency of giving me and air conditioner when it's like 110 degrees outside. i might as well sleep in out oven from now on. whatev.

well that's about it. i'mm outtttty
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easter bunny came to town

JOLLY EGG DAY EVERYONE!!!! haha! allrighty well the relatives left about tow hours ago. It was fun. a little jipped on the easter baskets because ofcourse my mom is still in remission and couldn't get us anything, all up to the daddio, and he's the guy who has the same shirt from twenty years ago. Whatever. all in all, it was good, and their were some crazy good pies! MmmmmMmmmm i love love love pies! Their aren't any leftovers though.... bummer.

anywho! got a new screen name just incase anyone hadn't figure it out yet. lo helpmeimpoor . ha! crazy right?!?!?! well it works because i am poor, and i do need money, because i really really really really really want an ipod!!!!!!! still owe my parents 75$ thought. o well. it doesn't matter i'm wicked hyper!!!!!!!!!! haha. i'm gunna go. chill out. eat some mint cookies and cream ice cream! (yeah how cool it that?!?! mint cookies and cream! MmMm good!)

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well, haven't updated in awhile, but whatever. this weeks been boring anyway, nothing much going on. got a call from frank yesterday, that was kind of weird and out of the blue, but whatever.
everythings been good i guess. got progress reports today, i did good, just need to bring up my math grade, cause my math grade sucks ass, anywho.... i have retarted reach-out soon, so i have to go. toodles!


allright so i ditched snowboarding yesterday and ashley's dad brought me home, and i fell out of her car (her dad already thinks i'm crazy, so it didn't matter)then i hung out for a while abigail came over we took some nifty pictures with the digital camera and then me abbie lauren ashley and julia went to friendly's were we got a really ditzy waitress, but whatever. went back to ashley's and did whatever. tried to call ukas, but he was at "the game" stupid kid! awee... just kidding we love u luke. i listened to ashley's mp3 player, but then i got bored of it and did a lot of sliding on ashley's really slippery table with ashley's really comfortable really expensive pillow! mucho funo! then we put on thumbwumba because they are the best band ever!!!! but miss abigail was like yo lets put on some hooty, and they're cool to, so whatever. law and order came on and that's a good show so i watched that, even though everyone was all like, csi is better, i like law and order, so whatever.
then i went home and was on the computer for awhile talking to nick before he left for his cruise, at 4:30 this morning!!!!! so early!
soccer game this morning, won 3-2. another soccer game later at 4:00 with steve, call if anyone wants to do something afterward.
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awe..... well today, in health julie flipped out when she couldn't get the glue cap back on during the fire dirll. funny. funny. I HATE JEFFFFF! and am very mad at that kid who stole all the snacks from the snack bar, cause now i can't get any coookies!!!!!! o man i am po'ed.
well whatever.... got soccer today, be home sometime round 5:30. call.
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