ice water

He's fading into everyone else
with their mindless existences but still
so angsty
and she's angry
She's so angry
he's not supposed to be like everyone else
they were supposed to take on the world
they were supposed to...
he wasn't supposed to...
but he's just like everyone else
and how can she forget?
His face fades into their faces
his voice blends in with their voices
can he see why she's so angry?
They were supposed to...
he wasn't supposed to...
but he's just like everyone else
these days he's...

fly. away.

corruption within...
corruption like a severed limb
fires blaze in your eyes
stars explode across from you
and you've faded too much to notice
but really, what's there to notice? limb.
fucking everyone else from within
what a dirty mind.


image this.
image that.
too much.
maybe you should learn to shut up
or maybe i should learn to be nice.
i'm thinking
that being nice is a waste of time
because i won't see you anyways.
imagine this.
imagine that.
my imagination is killing me.
too slowly.

maybe another time, son.

a world so cold
and you were drugged
just so they could laugh
while you danced among the daises.

all you have of that
of them
is a memory
and a blood soaked daisy

when did the world get like this?


no one ever told you life was a winner
you know they never said that
i believe her exact words may have been,
'so it's short, you can deal'
how are we supposed to cram
45354635754754753430 experiances
into such a short time?

the sky is falling

You said you were lonely
and I can't help but stare sometimes
and I can't help but wish I was where you are.

I'd give up everything to be like you,
I'm giving it up
I want to see things the way you do.

I want - - -

I need - - -

You are - - -

cry because it's good.

she said, freedom wasn't really there

and that is why you can walk all over people
because people act like sidewalks sometimes.
they make it too easy.

i speak neon,
and she said,
'don't you forget about it, son'
don't you forget.

you're too hard on yourself
but nothing else is easy