Man is too Ignorant to Exist

Sis im Blut!

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Like words of empty praise washing over an empty congregation.
Like a cancelled play, played out to a sleeping audience of mannequins.
Like a television flickering static in an empty concrete room.
Love, hate in a cold dream; a cold clockwork circumstance.

"zangief" as a verb, 1000 blank white cards, abject terror, absurdity, active nihilism, adventuring, animal liberation, animal rights, anti-racism, anti-speciesism, burning churches, class war, cthulhu mythos, cyberpunk, dead cops, deep ecology, discordianism, diy bike lanes, doom, eschatology, feminism, forests, godzilla, h.p. lovecraft, hating cities, heinous warlock, imminent danger, japanese arms and armor, love and hate, lumbering beasts, marine corpse, no compromise, nuclear midnight, outlaw country, philip k. dick, pissing in drainage ditches, post-apocalyptic, pulp fantasy art, radical critiques of everything, rats in paradise, reclaim the streets, revenge, robert anton wilson, rocknomic, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriots, severe storms, sludge, southern gothic, stopping i-69, street fighter ii turbo, veganism, william s. burroughs, yoshitaka amano, καλλίστῃ