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take a breath and close your eyes

it hurts to always have to be honest with the one that you love

razors on her tongue
22 February
i am heaven sent, don't you dare forget

i talk too much to myself.
i am a vegetarian punk.
you'd never know it to look at me.
i'm not as bad as i look.
i don't bite.
unless you want me to.
there's no promise i can't keep.
i love music.
it doesn't love me.
my heart is taken at the moment.

i am only 16. please take note.

when you critique my work, and i don't change it..
i'm not ignoring you.
i listen to all the advice that is given to me.
it's just that once i've finished something that i've written..
it will be a rare occasion for me to go back and change it.
it's like...
someone getting image enhancing cosmetic surgery.
a person who meets them for the first time will think they are beautiful..
but for anyone who knew them before, they're just not the same.
so yea...that's it.