To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...

Thus Conscience Does Make Cowards Of Us All

Blaise Ambrose Zabini
22 September
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Meus verbi subvolent, meus cogitationis relinquit funditus. Verbi sine cogitationes iret polo numquam.

"Blinding ignorance does mislead us!
O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes!"

-- Leonardo Da Vinci

Name: Blaise Zabini
House: i'm in slytherin!
Year: Fifth

Description of appearance: Blaise is tall (6'0") and lanky, what some would call awkward. He always looks a bit sickly because of his emaciated appearance. He's very pale, and has dark brown hair and very pale blue eyes. Blaise has a swift walk in which he keeps his head down, focusing on the ground.

Personality: Blaise is more than his typical depressed, angsty teenage exterior. He uses his quiet nature as an advantage to closely observe and analyze people around him. In a matter of minutes after meeting a person, he is able to deduce their stregnths and weaknesses, and their true motives in a situation. Some would call it a sixth sense, but Blaise just considered it to be refined observatory skills, which he frequently used to his advantage to manipulate a situation in his favour. Also, once he has grown comfortable around a person, Blaise will open up and reveal his true persona, which is one of a vivacious, talkative person. Many would also be surprised to learn that the pureblooded Slytherin has a passion for Muggle literature and music, something which he kept under very tight wraps from his housemates, who had much more of a stronger hatred of Muggle culture and people than he.

Strengths: Skills of observation, intelligent, works well under pressure, able to look at something from many perspectives, crafty, able to get out of 'tight spots' easily, surprisingly open-minded, creative, excellent critic, fairly good artistic abilities.

Weaknesses: arrogant, could be considered aloof, feels some people are not 'worthy' to be an acquaintance of his, underestimates himself, lazy, procrastinator, sometimes paranoid, becomes easily addicted to something (not just bad habits, but things such as reading or writing could go from a hobby to totallly consuming every minute of his time), tends to rebel against authority, usually in a melancholy mood.

Family: Blaise says that his mother, Theodora Zabini, died in childbirth with her youngest child, Belle Zabini (who was sent to Beauxbatons), Blaise's younger sister by two years. The two children were raised by their father (and later their stepmother), who kept himself very distant from his family. If one became involved in a very intimate conversation with Blaise, which is a rare occurence, they would discover that the boy was never hugged or told "I love you" by his father. To this day, Blaise to becomes emotionally distant at times because of his upbringing.

Background: Blaise is descended from a long line of pureblooded witches and wizards. Growing up, he was taught, as many purebloods are, that they are superior to half blood or muggleborn wizards. But, seeing as he usually does not listen to or obey anything his parents have told him, he didn't grow up with the hatred that many purebloods have, but rather a slightly superior attitude. If he deems a half blood is equal to him, he has no problem becoming acquainted with them. However, he is much more hesitant with muggleborns.