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so, i never use this thingy anymore, xen can vouch for that. but, that should be like a sign of just how sweet and wonderful i am for posting in it today to simply say:


we've not chatted in ages, and of all the days i happen to stumble into TW, i see that it's your birthday! so, many happy returns to you. hope you have a joyous one.

Tis a Bad Day

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one thing in life should be constant. just one. when you check the mail on your birthday. THERE DAMN WELL BETTER BE MAIL WAITING! nothing but bills and junk mail. fucking shit man. talk about a way to ruin my day.

however, to all those who've sent birthday greetings via lj, chat, and email... thank you so much. instant communication is apparently the only way to go, since you can't trust the post.