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she'll do anything for the limelight

5 December
About the Girl
well,well,well…you’ve stumbled across my journal at last now have you? A little bit of info about moi. I’m 20 years old (eek gosh I sound old!), live in the U.K, am currently studying after taking a gap year. Not too scared? Read on then why dontcha :P
Voila the interests
tea,coffee,hot chocolate,cakes,biscuits,chocolate,sweets,bread,butter,cheese,hats,shoes,scarves,skirts,dresses,make up,roller coasters,water,alcohol,love,shrek,disney,finding nemo,toy story,10 things I hate about you, v for vendetta,titanic,moulin rouge,phantom of the opera,jurassic park,lord of the rings,harry potter,labyrinth,snow queen,speed,matrix,cruel intentions,ashanti,ciara,mary j blige,nelly furtado,beyonce,shakira,timbalnd,ustin timberlake,usher,black eyed peas,artic monkeys,franz ferdinand,kaiser chiefs,marron 5,oasis,u2,linkin park,madonna,jay z,buffy,angel,charmed,friends,will and grace,americas next top model,the o.c,one tree hill,10th kingdom,sabrina the teenage witch,saved by the bell,one on one,my wife and kids,8 simple rules,ugly betty,less than perfect,stargate,bollywood,dhoom2,k3g,kuch kuch hota hai,kaho na pyaar hai,sholay,maine pyar kiya,hum aapke hai kaun,don,guru,kal ho na ho,icon making,wasting time,spending time with friends,spending time with family,spending time with the boyfriend,having fun,partying,chilling
So do you still want to carry on?...
Well if you got through that then congrats! The above are just some of the things which rock my socks! My journal is friends-only. So now, if you think we have some things in common and you want to be my friend, simply comment at this post
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