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WORLD OF COUTURE; [entries|friends|calendar]
better than you...because i can

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[05 Jan 2005|04:31pm]

moved, add it gorgeous

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[02 Jan 2005|07:55pm]
hii gorgeous. the weather is nice but now it's raining. school is tommorow. i went to the mall twice today. tried on this beautiful burberry jacket for $317,, didn't buy it...oh well. i went to abercrombie & saw this track jacket + skirt i want so when i have enough money I'll buy that. i bought jeans + a hoodie at american eagle today. destroyed denim is so right now and waay cute.
clothes and oh oh yeaaahCollapse )
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[01 Jan 2005|08:05pm]
my newwww icon is sooo sexxx♥
oh and i so cant wait til june<3
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[01 Jan 2005|07:41pm]
that's it..i want OUT of this stupid state. oh by the way, happy new year. the weather is for once lovely here, i believe it is about fifty farenheit. the snow melted but random stupid patches of snow are still on the ground. it looks ugly & horendous. tommorow i get to go shopping to american eagle/abercrombie & fitch....uh i really don't know what i want because i want a white denim mini from hollister and jeans from there too, but my *fantastic* mall doesn't have a hollister and i do not want to go to south park (too far). absolutely greeat. school starts on january the third. no, i dont want to go back there because my grades are absolutely sucky this quarter. but it is a new year and my new year's resolution was to study more & spend more time on school. but whatever like you know. hmm, so i spent last night at mary's it was fun! i love her<33. yeah so uh im done. bye gorgeous...


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[31 Dec 2004|09:57pm]
ookay so i think that this is officially the last post for 2004. hmm, well this was a good year. i met some gorgeous &&& fantastic people! happy new year. love you--
ally with a g.
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[30 Dec 2004|09:51pm]

this is the hot sexx ♥Collapse )

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[30 Dec 2004|02:53pm]
heey darling. okay soo i finished all of my english homework + english project. yeahh, i am the best..gosh i know. so it turns out that no mall trip tommorow but there will be one on saturday between 12 pm + 6 pm. i think im spending new year's eve with mary, at my house. or i sure hope it's my house because i do not want to drive such a long way. okay so I think i'm going to start designing jewerly now, like bracelets & maybe necklaces although....i do like bracelets much better. anyways, i want a chanel watch. the one that looks like a chain it's so gorgeous. absolutely in love with it. hm, i hate winter && my favorite months are june and september, personally i just can't wait til' june. i love early june...because you're just out of school and you just want to go and explore more. uhh okay so I think that I know what college I want to attend now....FIDM, the fashion institue of design & merchandising. it is a private college & has 4 campuses in CALIFONIA. that's like my dream now, to go there. Uh so I think I want to become either a designer or a fashion stylist. it's still a long way for me though. heh okay this is turning into one HUGE entry. oh by the way, the next entry will be a wishlist of random things I want. most of them will be from saks since i'm on the site now. ciao love.
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[29 Dec 2004|11:43am]
honestly, this is wayy too much. ugh...i have so much homework. like today & tommorow I have to get 2 of my projects done, and I hope that trip to the mall is still on because i want to shop. gosh, the mall is only like 10 minutes away. mhmm so yeah, last night I went out with the boyfriend. that was hot. we went to sally's & he bought me my flat iron. && then we went to the movies and saw ocean's 12. catherine zeta jones, is gorgeous. she's my favorite. uhh okay, louis vuitton is getting so ridiculously out of control. honestly, i liked it so much better before the fake purse mania started. but i still love their luggage. i hope i'm going to own it all one day. hmm so yeah, the weather is horrid. this definitely needs a change. someone fix this asap? kthanks. school starts up on january 3d. . .that's so incredibly terrible because i DO NOT want to go back. I really need to raise my grades and spend less time on the computer. but with school starting, that means there'll be no time for me to shop or do anything on fashion. wow i really have trouble concentrating,, i wish summer was here so I could spend endless days tanning by the pool. okaay im out. bye gorgeous. ciao.
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first post. [27 Dec 2004|11:23pm]
New years resolution: study more + focus more on school work.

Plans for tommorow: do science fair + go out with the boyfriend.

Outfit for tommorow: grey ann taylor sweater + white lace cami from A&f + boot cut american eagle jeans + black converse.

yeah love you gorgeous! I'll write more later....but for now someone bring me a latte :)
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