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_____tay aLways smokin that LaLaLa

yOu need a light?___

29 November
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im stacie ->i live in a beat ass town in nj [sayreville]-> i`m a bitch if you deserve it. revenge is my best friend->don't fuck with me unless you plan to be fucked with in return it's that simple ->i`d give my life for my friends and family they`re what matters to me, not stupid fake bitches that are all talk-> im easy to get along with if you`re not one of those chicks who could annoy the fcuk outta me-> [don`t think you`re anything special you`re not]->im single because i`m not a chickenhead & i don`t take shit from guys. EVER. i will never let a man tell me what to do, and tell me how to live my life.. it`s MY life, not any mans ->[it`s only OUR life if your planning on buying me that platinum&dimond engagement ring ;)]->i hate BUSH, i think he's a horrible president. after all the civil rights movements and freedom protests we've had and it's still not fair to everyone. i believe that gays should be allowed to be married, and don't understand why if they're in love they can't be. i am straight but pro gay rights. yes,,, i could be a huge bitch. deal with it. learn to love me... & if you don`t - i STiLL DON`T GiVE A FUCK ;].. eL oH eL <3

marriage is love

[pro gay marriage]

these are my confessions...

__trophies thinks i'm a sexy bitch !!!!
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