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LJ Interests meme results

  1. bethany dillon:
    shes awesome. :) i'm supposed to be seeing her in concert again coming up soon...i saw her last year at unity, shes great and a big time sweetheart. :)
  2. chocolate milk:
    the greatest drink in the world. duh.
  3. everyday sunday:
    an awesome group that i saw when i went and saw kutless, another awesome group. :)
  4. guys:
    uh...? they're guys. some are cool, some suck...haha. :) and some are goofy and just make me smile a whole bunch. yay for those ones. hah.
  5. kutless:
    :D hah, i already mentioned them...they're an awesome group. they have such an intense passion and fire to them its amazing. i love them.
  6. nickelback:
    pretty cool group. :)
  7. relient k:
    quite a fun group.
  8. shopping:
    ah. what is there to say?
    wonderfully fun. :)
  9. superchic[k]:
    awesome. one of their songs is what motivates me to keep going, to take chances, and just ...keep setting my goals higher.
  10. writing:
    my way to vent and let out my feelings and such.

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