hey you with the pretty face

welcome to the human race

2 February
me01twenty-two years old, five foot eight, brown eyes, changing hair colour, big-footed, right-handed, nurse.
tv02m*a*s*h, band of brothers, doctor who, the pacific, the singing detective, six feet under, top gear, carnivale, black books, firefly, oz, deadwood, skins, bones, glee, the mighty boosh, scrubs, life on mars (uk).
movies03tarantino, ferris bueller's day off, james bond, across the universe, garden state, snatch, lock stock & two smoking barrells, a little princess, star wars, lord of the rings,
music04the beatles, pink floyd, damien rice, depeche mode, the rolling stones, the who, sufjan stevens, muse, ben folds five, bon iver, dropkick murphys, electric light orchestra, fleetwood mac, rachmaninoff, animal collective, battles, shostakovich, sigur ros, sarah vaughan, the dresden dolls, tom waits, belle & sebastian, yeah yeah yeahs.
other05i'm fairly dorky and geeky. i get fascinated by the smallest things and have a bizarre interest in linguistics/accents. i love military history and find warfare fascinating. i love food - especially anything potato. i don't look forward to being a grown-up and having responsibility etc.

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