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[ 221103 ? 04   :   18p ]
go to my other journal, bombshell_iish, i have posted a pic of me that i took on my webcam today!!
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[ 171103 ? 08   :   06a ]
guess what! i am SOOO stupid! i just realised...i have a WEBCAM. i shall post pics on here ummm... tomorrow? or asap. <3!
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AHHH! [ 161103 ? 09   :   49p ]
New journal... bombshell_iish. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, angel925! You are my hero.

Okay, so all my buds here, PLEASE add me at bombshell_iish. TYVM! MWAH!
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<3 [ 161103 ? 06   :   04p ]
[ mood | amused ]

all righty, peoples. here`s the deal. i used to have more public entries, but i`m going COMPLETELY friends only. nothing against the public, but there's some stuff the whole word need not know. i may have a FEW public entries in the future, ones i don't really mind the world seeing.

this is what yous hould probably do. . .
- add me.
- comment, because i don't check to see who's added me .
- i shall add you asap, if i see you're an a-OK guy/girl.

if i don`t add you, it's nothing against you. so, don't take it personally.

to find out all about me, just read my userinfo, it states the basics. just because we all may not have similar interests and personalities, doesn't mean we can't add one another. being different is what makes me like ya, and that's always nice. . .right? ;D

also, . . .
- please do nottYpE lYkE dYz MaH hOmIe, it can be hard to read, and it gets on my NERVES.
- comment as often as you can, so i know you're alive and still read. btw, i comment often</b>. :D or as often as possible.
- do.not.jOq.mah.shit. nuff said.
- no bullshit, fakey drama. =oP?

so, get ta' steppin', homes. thanks for putting up with my jabber.

[\`<3___*xOx+] ;

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