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2 November 1983

about me

i am a fairly nice girl. no really, i am. i have a sick sense of humor. i guess i am a hopeless romantic. i love being in love. and i am in love. i am a vegetarian. one super neat thing about me is that my birthday is on the day of the dead. i think it contributes to my skull obsession. in fact, i am sure it does. oh, and my favorite holiday is halloween! i am a dorky girl, and i love every minute of it.


in general, anything that sounds good. in particular, air, arcade fire, belle and sabastian, cursive, death cab for cutie, denali, diversion scene, eisley, elliott smith, faint, frou frou, get up kids, hot water music, interpol, joy division, karate, le tigre, mates of state, new pornographers, neutral milk hotel, planes mistaken for stars, postal service, q and not you, rilo kiley, small towns, ted leo, unicorns, and zero 7.


see below. basically i like stuff. i love limes. and i'm really into photography and design. i like my job. and if you're on my friends list, i like you, too.


!!!, 8-bit, anime, anything japanese, art, bats, being edge, being in love, black and white, books, boys that play dodgeball, bright eyes, chuck palahniuk, clean air, computers, creepy things, dead birds, death cab for cutie, dragonflies, drawing, dreams, dweebs, edward norton, elliott smith, emo, esthetics, eyeliner, fall, family guy, fashion, fear, final fantasy, fire, fireflies, flowers, footie pajamas, friendship, fruit roll-ups, gamecube, geeks, gir, girly sleep-overs, glam, glasses, green tea, gummies, happy tree friends, head automatica, hobo gloves, holding hands, horror, horror movies, horrorpops, hugs, ice cubes, indie, invader zim, jell-o, jhonen vasquez, kevin smith, kisses, kitties, lenore, lightning, lip gloss, lotr, love, making-out, mario party, me, monsters, motion city soundtrack, movies, music, my ipod, n64, nature, nerds, nes, new order, nightmares, online comics, peacoats, penguins, penpen, philosophy, photography, piercings, pixies, plan b, poetry, ps2, pumpkins, punk rock, radiohead, rain, reading, retro, rivers cuomo, robots, roman dirge, rotten dot com, running, salad fingers, scary, sci-fi, screamo, screams, serial experiments lain, sex pistols, shark hunters, shopping, sigur ros, silent hill, simpsons, skateboarders, skateboarding, sleeping, snes, snow, snowboarding, soccer, spontaneous combustion, squirrels, stars, sushi, tattoos, technology, the '80's, the city, the diversion scene, the postal service, the sky, thrift stores, tim burton, trainspotting, trees, trigun, vegetarianism, video games, vintage, winter, world domination, wristbands, writing, xbox, yoga, zombies, ♥.