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Time:06:30 pm
if i were to ever get married, this would be my wedding song:

"He Didn't" by: The 6ths

Will you dance with me
Take my hands and lead me,
With all my faults
In the ballroom waltz
That we might have done
Had we ever been young

It'll end in tears
But not for years
If you dance with me

Will you dance with me,
Me, with two left feet
You'd be showing me how
I'm no dancer now
But soon you and I
Could step into the sky
We'll go down in flames,
Of course, but love remains
If you dance with me

I'll make only sunny weather for you
The sky will be blue forever
I'll make only sunny weather for you
To keep me and you together

And you'll dance with me
In the rain, maybe
But we won't really mind
In the end we'll find
It was just a dance
And our little romance
It'll fall to dust
But only just
If you dance with me
It'll fall to dust
But only just
If you dance with me
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Time:09:49 pm
it's been almost a year since hurricane katrina.
and most of the world has moved on to other topics.
but for those living in new orleans and the surrounding areas, we are haunted daily by remnants that once was our city.

trash goes uncollected, rats are taking over abandoned houses, and there's so much crime that the national guard had to be called in to protect us. and hospital beds? ha. good luck finding one of those. fire? sorry, not enough water pressure to put it out. a light rain? power outages for hours.

i'm not complaining so much as i just want everyone to be aware of what's going on in new orleans. not every part of this city is as bad as the following pictures, but we are all still impacted by the damage. (examples mentioned above).

so, keep in mind as you're looking at these...this is A YEAR after katrina hit...

a house in the lower 9th ward.

this house was moved off its foundation and smashed a couple of cars on its way.

if you look closer at this rubble, you'll see a little piece of new orleans:

...mardi gras beads

a pretty typical street scene.

at least some of us have a sense of humor....

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Subject:my little rants
Time:08:53 pm
first of all, if you don't
a) pick up a newspaper
b) watch the news
c) get your news off the internet

then shame on you.

now, there is a bill in Congress proposing a ban on gay marriage.
i am shocked that something like this is being voted on.
wait. i take that back.
i'm not shocked.
this is the same administration that spent ten times the amount of money on war than it did victims of hurricane katrina.
this is the same administration that tapped into innocent civilian's phone lines. (McCarthyism, anyone?)
this is the same administration that lied to the public repeatedly on television.
this is the same administration who lets troops die for personal gain.

if church and state are truly separated, why can't homosexuals get married?
if we all have unalienable rights (as stated in the Declaration of Independence), such as the pursuit of happiness, then why can't gay people get married?

the oh-so-lovely Bill Frist gives us the answer. he says that marriage "protects children" better than any other institution in the country.

is that so, bill frist?

then why do 50% of all marriages end up in divorce??
that can't be good for the children!

children constantly moving from home to home with no unified love of parents...or children in the home of two same-sexed parents that are full of love...which is better?

let's ask the christian right who say "adam and eve...not adam and steve!"
anyway, the bible also condones slavery, so does that make it ok?
think about that.

if you are straight, marry someone straight.
big deal.
why does the marriage of two other people affect you?
get over yourselves.

here is my pledge, although its not worth much, it's supportive:

i WILL NOT get married until gays have the same marriage rights as heterosexuals.

support love, people.
support love.

oh, by the way:

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Time:11:55 am
so my major is officially being dropped.
in the newsletter from the president, it says that majors with low enrollment were dropped.
however, i was told by various deans and administrators that with my degree, it was not the enrollment that was the issue. in fact, many alumni only contribute money to broadcast journalism: that's how good of a program it is.
apparently, the problem is that it takes up too much "space".
excuse me, but with all this free "space" you have now, what are you going to do with it?
i asked this question to the dean of arts and sciences and he said "well, there is no plan yet".

i was also told that my degree was too "specialized", that i could major in history and still become a journalist.
i don't WANT to major in history.
i came to loyola for broadcast journalism.
if i wanted to major in history, i'd go to a state school where i'd get in free.

i mean, i'm not a trust fund baby.
i have student loans.
but i made the decision to come here because it is one of the only and BEST schools for broadcast journalism.
and now i feel like i've wasted all this money on absolutely nothing.

after the hurricane, this school begged its students to come back, promising a loyola that was the same as before hurricane katrina.

i guess you lied, loyola.
i guess you lied.
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Time:01:07 am
what if there was a giant moth in your hair?
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Time:08:07 am
ok, so i fractured my kneecap and tore cartilage in my knee, so now i need surgery.
this sucks. i haven't been able to go anywhere or hang out with anyone. and whenever i do go somewhere, like the hospital, i'm in a wheelchair because i can't walk. and everyone gives me these pitiful looks.
it sucks more when my friends call me at 3 AM telling me what a good time they're all having together. i mean, i don't understand how they could think that would make me feel good.
and i've even more sad about all my senior friends who are leaving soon...who i won't be able to see anymore.
and on top of all that i saw someone die yesterday. it was a pedestrian who got hit by a car. and the police covered them in a sheet.
god, how depressing.
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Time:05:51 pm
i had an amazing time at the party last night.

but i managed to dislocate my knee cap and tear a ligament.

they don't call me jess destroy for nothing.
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Time:09:18 am
so my debit card and my spanish notebook and my alpha chi binder have all mysteriously disappeared. and i'm getting really pissed off. so if you find any of these things, please let me know.
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Time:09:37 pm
trent, a friend of mine, and a loyola student, died tonight.

your name will be forever etched on my heart.
i love you.
i'll miss you.
in the short time we had together, i found out what a beautiful person you were.
everyone who knew you agrees.

i'll miss your smile.
i'll miss the way we danced to michael jackson.
i'll miss the roses you sent me.
i'll miss seeing your face.
i'll miss the happiness you brought to every conversation.

but you truly are in a better place, my darling.
you truly are.
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Time:07:23 am
went to the dervish last night.
it was hot.
probably one of the hottest nights of my life.

i have gotten a total of 4 hours of sleep over the past 3 nights.
my circadian rhythm will be shot to hell.
surprise, surprise.

maybe i'll show up att mod night tonight.
even though just the thought of it makes me want to vomit.

i need to stop doing a lot of things.
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[icon] the way she moves
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