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 finally got my internet back
created a new LJ 

go comment and add
miss you
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This post is NOT friends only:
A lot of you had added me to your friends list, and you've done so after having seen me in a community or just browsing through journals.  I haven't friended you back for the following reasons:
  • You didn't comment my "friends only" page, and filled out a little tid-bit about yourself, so I'm not sure who you are.
  • You added me from a community, and I completely forgot (of which I am really really sorry =[ )

    So I'd really appreciate it if those of you who aren't friended back on my friends list could comment here and give me a little bit of 411: name, age, where you live, how you found me...and I'll add you back!  I can't wait to have you added so we can start catching up on eachother!
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