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She takes her time when it's time to get ready.Always has her way.Always leaves me waiting by the phone.She told me more than
once to take it slow,and I said OK.But lately i've been sleeping all alone.I'm not breaking up inside, I'm much to proud to
moan.Baby please come home.I feel a little lucky so I try to play it cool.I think she laughs inside.With the words that burn like fire in
my mouth. Try to be a man like i got the master plan, night out on the town.Drink and dance and we can turn it out.Whoa, Maybe
it's how your body moves I just don't know,Maybe it's just the way you move so slow.(Phone Dialing)[Hello?][Hi it's me][I thought
I told you not to call me here][I know I just really needed to talk to you][Get a clue babe, there's nothing to talk about.](Click)Ask
me why I play myself play myself for a fool.Swear I would do most anything.Walk a mile to see her smile.Walk a mile just to rock
for a while.Babe I'm thinking with my ding-a-ling.Whoa, I've been doing some thinking,now I just don't know.Maybe just the way
you move so slow.Maybe cuz you move so slow.Maybe cuz you move so slow. But sitting on the verge of tears does not become
my 22 years.You took my shame, and you took my pride,and now you gonna take me for a slow ride.but uh, uh. Waiting, waiting
on the phone.Got the words that burn like fire in my mouth.Come on down reggae style,wind up your body like a bass line
wild,drink and dance and we can turn it out.Whooooaaaa, I'm not going crazy but I just dont know,Maybe cuz you move so slow.
Like love,move nice and low.Slowride..
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