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Cheap Cheep

10 % literal, 90% metaphor

22 February 1979
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I'm short- and sweet.

I love back and forth. Forever.


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User Number: 2967764
Date Created:2004-04-27
Number of Posts: a trillion

Strengths: upper arms, fourth heart chamber, left side of my brain, tongue, middle finger, smile
Weaknesses: tom waits, IPA, dark chocolate, good books, bad tv, yummy lips, third heart chamber, right side of my brain, dogs.
Special Skills: rhyming, catching babies, saving the world, tickling, multi-tasking, dancing.
Weapons: fingers, heart, tongue, character shoes, bottle opener, pen, bow staff.
Quote:: "Poets are the Midwives of Reality" keats

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for some reason i have a strange desire to share my life with a bunch of strangers... enjoy.

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abortion rights, activism, alternative parenting, ani difranco, anti-bush, anti-elitism, art, bananas, banjo, barefeet, bass, beck, being nice, being real, being your best friend, belly dancing, ben harper, birth, bitch and animal, bjork, blue grass, bob dylan, bread, cat power, charlie koffman, cheese, chocolate, civil rights, cocteau twins, collecting vinyl, cunt, cutting t-shirts, dance, dogs, doula, down by law, drawing, earth, east village inky, eating well, echidnas, egypt, environment, erykah badu, farming, feminisim, film, fire dancing, flaminco, flirting, flying, frankness, fred neil, freedom of speach, god, goddess, good music, harold and maude, heart, herbs, homebirth, homeless, hula, inclusive, iron & wine, jd salinger, jim jaramusch, joni mitchell, karaoke, knitting, lactivism, laundromats, lesbian, libral, life, lip balm, long socks, love, menstruation, michael franti and spearhead, midwifery, mother earth, movement, music, my daughter smiling, nature, nice people, nick drake, non-profit, not washing my hair, not wearing underwear, nudity, off the grid, one love, peace, peeing outside, percussion, photography, piercings, pixies, poetry, politics, portishead, pottery, pro-choice, queer, rain, reading, reading to my daughter, red shoes, red sox, red tent, religion, reproductive rights, revolution, rock'n'roll, sex, singing in the shower, single mamas, sisters, sleeping in, songs about me, spoken word, staying up late, stitch and bitch, sustainable living, taking naps, tattoos, the pixies, tom waits, truth, vagina monologues, vaginas, vday, vermont, voting, watching babies being born, way left politics, white stripes, wine, women's studies, yoga, ziggy marley