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We're with you whatever happens

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If you're here for my icons, please go todreaming_icons
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Doctor Who Moodtheme by elena_hepburn (*loves*)
Jim/Pam header also by elena_hepburn

*se orgas...wait for it...ma*, alexander skarsgård, alfonso cuarón, are you my mummy?, askars/ontd, audrey hepburn, before sunrise, before sunset, billie piper, british accent, brokeback mountain, buuuuurn!!!!, cappieeeee!!!!!!!!11, chocolate, christopher eccleston, cine, cinema paradiso, clear-eyes-full-hearts-can't-lose, coach/mrs. coach, colbert/fick, dani mateo, daniel radcliffe, david tennant, david yates, disney, doctor who, doctor/rose, don't-believe-everything-you-read-on-a-t-shirt, emma watson, felix felicis, firefly, fnac, friday night lights, friends, generation kill, greek, harry potter, harry potter-and-the-so-long-waited-kiss, hazme-lo-q-quieras-pero-llevame-a-atenas, hermione granger, himym, insolaciooooooooon, ipod, italy, jack nasty loves you, jai ho, jake gyllenhaal, james mcavoy, jeux d'enfants, jim/pam, jk rowling, johnny depp, kyle valenti, la crestita del amor, la-amable-sonrisa-torcida-del-doctor, lacasitos, lemony snicket, libros, life on mars, london, los-comentarios-cortados-de-elena, m2, making icons, marauder!crack, mcsteamy/addie/alex/izzie y vuelta, michael goldenberg, muse, mythology, música, nasty!helen/ennis!sele/alma!shere, new doctor who, nuestroamorestanencarta, o... saya, omgbacon!, omgtheirloveissooostupid!, pancakes, pasta, peter pan, prom!!!, pushing daisies, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rudy (spn), rupert grint, rupert/emma, serenity, sirius/remus, skins, slash, slumdog millionaire, supernatural, sé lo que hicisteis, tarada, tener intereses únicos, that 70's show, that-car-that-runs-on-water, the book thief, the circle, the doctor, the good ship, the office (us), the-lovely-woman-from-texas, three days of rain, tim/lyla, travis, trufah', twelve-fail-safe-ways-to-charm-a-witch, título marujo, u-no-poo, unresolved sexual tension, veronica mars, ángel martín

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