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scarlet ruse >>> icon journal v2.0

...the result of sleepless nights...

>scarlet ruse<
15 April
External Services:
  • __scarxlet@livejournal.com
  • crimsonxaces
A Brief Statement?

First off and foremost, this is the icon journal of __scarxlet where I can showcase my creations. Therefore you can add this journal as a friend to check up on my updates (but I will not add you back).



..message me to add



- Ban(Lolita 23q) & Akito(Aile) and Takumi(Panic Ch) for shmexayxlust
- Hakuei (Machine) for doxasxinfinity

Open for Business

Rules (the YES)

- My icons are for the taking, and I’d love it if you would…but you must comment and credit __scarxlet on whatever you take. Also, I do love comments, (except if they are categorized under a “flame”), I greatly appreciate them and I will try to respond to each and every one of them.

- I accept affiliates and requests, but you must message me before you do/make either (but I think I’m being obvious here) If you request, please provide the photo and if you want it a certain way, please means describe it, I’m not psychic.

Rules (the NO)

- Do not edit my icons, I rarely make bases and even if the icon does not have text, it does not mean that it is a base. I will state whether or not an icon is a base.

- Do not Hotlink or Direct Link my icons, I will personally decapitate you if you do…I do not have the bandwidth to support you. If you want free bandwidth, go to www.photobucket.com, or another photo-hosting site.

- Do not credit yourself with my icons, even if unintentionally…you must credit __scarxlet if you take anything of mine, remember that I hate going after people, but I will not hesitate to do so.

- Do not make me waste my time on any of the above drama. I don't need it, nor is it appealing/attractive to me in any way. Don't be a snot-nosed kid.

Resources and Credit:

A Full and Comprehensive List