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scarlet ruse >>> icon journal v2.0
...the result of sleepless nights...
What is said 
4th-Jan-2008 02:15 pm - Long Time Comin'
[mood| Bored ]

Sorry it's been so long since the last update...the last one was last summer! Ah, I need to get more on top of things! Maybe that should be one of my New Years resolutions, haha. Anyway, as always I have new icons up for grabs, just remember the rules if you do...grab them, that is ;). This time it's all 69 Eyes, so if you don't like them, tough. Although I'm not exactly sure how I feel about them, I think my experiments took me a bit out of my usual style, or that could just be me.

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7th-Jul-2007 12:22 am - You're Overdue...
[mood| moody ]

I know it's been a long time since I've updated this thing or written anything. But, I do have a small update! (Insert Applause Here) Because I spent my Friday doing nothing and not wanting to pick up calls. I've been feeling kind of sick again lately (I keep getting colds and fevers for whatever reason) so it makes me more irritable and less wanting to go out. Boo. But things are pretty good I think, except for the heat. Even in my room I feel like I'm going to melt.

5 x Guns n' Roses
4 x Aya
3 x Baroque
8 x Crashdiet
1 x Ka-Yu (Janne Da Arc)
1 x Gerry Laffy (Girl)
1 x Full (Guniw Tools)
1 x Buck-tick
8 x Penicillin

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16th-Dec-2006 12:54 am - On the Subject
Since I'm offering up my layouts, I thought I'd offer the Friends Only banners seperately as well. CREDIT if taking ^^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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14th-Dec-2006 12:15 am - Long Time Coming
[mood| Curious ]

I know I know it’s been a really long hiatus, probably my longest ever (even though I said that the last time ;) ). I’ve just been really busy with college and work so I haven’t had that much time to make icons nevertheless update this thing or keep up with groups. So I offer my apologies. Oh well, at least I made it in time for Christmas!
However, like the Scrooge I am, I’m afraid that the following are permanently on my retired list: Alice號., An Café, Ayabie, Blood, D, Panic Ch, Phantasmagoria, Rentrer en Soi, Shulla, Silver Ash, Vidoll, Vogus Image…and a few others.

In addition, as a Christmas gift I’m accepting icon requests from anyone who has been kind enough to friend this journal (and yes, it can be of bands I have retired) as long as a picture is provided. I am also offering these livejournal layouts:


I don’t RP anymore (I don’t have the time to :( ) but I don’t want them to go to waste. However, you must contact me if you want either one of them since I need to make a few adjustments.

But anyway, now that that’s said, let’s move on…shall we? Beware the yaoi!

7 x 12012
3 x Alice 號
1 x Iwaki + Katou (Haru wo Daite Ita)
5 x Final Fantasy VII
1 x Houryuuke (Keijiji Youna Bokura)
13 x Baroque
8 x BIS
5 x D’espairsRay
1 x Due’le Quartz
14 x the Gazette
3 x J
13 x Kagerou
1 x Izumi (Kagrra,)
5 x SADS
1 x Gara (Merry)
5 x Nightmare
2 x Plastic Tree
2 x Psycho le Cemu
3 x SID
2 x Sugizo
1 x Kamijo (Lariene)
1 x Hide
1 x Cali Gari
1 x Motoo Fujiwara (Bump of Chicken)
1 x Buck – Tick
1 x Axl Rose (Guns’n’Roses)
1 x Exo – Chika (Aural Vampire)

1 x Kagerou

the tease:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

行こう 行こう!Collapse )
29th-Jul-2006 05:21 pm - Update ver. IV
[mood| Mellow ]

This might have been the longest hiatus I have gone on, one I didn't really expect to take giving that it's summer and I have a lot more time on my hands. Or so I thought. I got so busy after graduation that I barely had time for the computer, and then I went to AX. That was fun I suppose, but more because many of my friends from out of town came to visit. Meeting 12012 was pretty cool too...and keeping Kenzi (Anti Feminism / Dead Pop Stars) company everytime 12012 came out. Kinda sad that we mistook him and the owner of Cure for 12012 fanboys. We'll be in Cure too, I think next month's issue or the month after that. I'll probably end up buying that one since I already bought the Fanime featured Kamijo one, since I have friends in that one too. It was only too bad that I was so sick during the Hyde show x.x Completely ruined it.
Okay, so enough about catching up time.
On to the icons.
I think I fell in love with the color red. Remember the rules if you take them, I have yaoi in the mix too (marked by *). I don't care if it offends you, just ignore it and move on.

6 x Alice Nine
1 x Teruki (An Cafe)
1 x Tsumi to Kuchizuke (Manga)*
1 x Remy (Street Fighter)
2 x Loveless (Manga)
1 x Squall (FF VIII Doujinshi Manga)*
1 x Aoi (Ayabie)
3 x Kiwamu (Blood)
3 x D
1 x Karyu (D'espairsRay)
1 x Kyo (Dir en grey)
1 x Kikasa (ex - [;figure]
1 x Sanaka (ex - Fatima)
1 x Ruki (Gazette)
1 x Akiya + Shin (Kagrra,)
8 x Kiyoharu
1 x Hyde
6 x Hakuei
8 x Nightmare
9 x Pierrot
2 x Phantasmagoria
3 x Psycho le Cemu
4 x SID
4 x Silver Ash
2 x Sugizo
5 x Vidoll
1 x Yuusukee (Shelly Trip Realize)
1 x Yuu (Merry)
1 x Yuukke (MUCC)
1 x Sana (Mask)
1 x Rose (the Trax)
1 x Lee Jun Ki
3 x J
2 x Hide
2 x Bump of Chicken
1 x Ao (ex - cali=gari)

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あなた の 意見 を あわせてCollapse )
14th-May-2006 03:44 pm - Kiyoharu
So uhm..
I think I've been making some rather amusing mistakes lately.
The most recent one being the fact that I completely forgot I made a bunch of Kiyoharu/Sads icons. x.x So I had to create a new folder for them, yadda yadda yadda
And so here they are because the other links will be broken:

teasers:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

20 x Kiyoharu, SADS, Kuroyume

Porno StarCollapse )
12th-May-2006 04:04 pm - The Continuation
[mood| Hungry ]

I know I know I was supposed to post again when I got back from NY, but I've been so busy lately with trying to exit the highschool life that I haven't had the time. Though I have had the time to make new icons haha, so here we go..
tease me(s):Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

3 x Alice Nine
1 x Tachibana + Takamiya (Tonari no Heya no Paranoia manga)
1 x Shinohara + Izumi (Love Life manga)
12 x Nightmare
6 x Baroque
3 x Pierrot
2 x Asagi (D)
4 x Seek (Psycho le Cemu)
3 x Dir en grey
1 x Shinji (SID)
15 x Gazette
2 x 1920s women
1 x Kisaki (Phantasmagoria)
1 x Sugizo
4 x Kagrra
2 x PS Tour

やりまんCollapse )
20th-Apr-2006 12:36 pm - Small Update
I'll have a bigger one hopefully when I come back from NY.

2 x Sakai(12012)
6 x Alice Nine
1 x Hakuei
1 x Edgar + Lukka (Beast of Tower)
1 x Ruruka (Crimson Spell)
6 x Nightmare
12 x Baroque
2 x bis
But for now..Collapse )
12th-Mar-2006 08:42 pm(no subject)
Oi. I'm so dumb. Ok, that really horrible Jui icon I made in the latest update is actually really old. I MEANT to post this one instead:

Image hosting by Photobucket
12th-Mar-2006 12:46 am - The New
And, drumroll please...the latest update. Yes. I know. You have been waiting a long time for this. And now it's finally here. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

[1]Yuusuke (12012)
[1]Hyde (L'Arc~En~Ciel)
[1]Bou (An Cafe)
[28]Hakuei (Machine / Penicillin)
[3]I Can't Stop Loving You (yaoi manga)
[1]Yuki (Fruits Basket)
[2]Monkey Punch (yaoi manga)
[1]Nana x Misato (Nana)
[1]Koi Cha (yaoi manga)
[1]Kaze (Ai no Kusabi)
[1]Denkou Sekka Boys (yaoi manga)
[31]Plastic Tree
[1]Aya (Pyscho Le Cemu)
[8]Due le Quartz/Miyavi/[Figure:]
[1]Hakuei x Die (Dir en grey)
[2]Ruki (Gazette) x Shou (Alice Nine)
[2]Ruki (Gazette) x Miyavi
[1]Shou (Alice Nine) x Miyavi

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Leaving Off..Collapse )
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