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Please avoid sticking your hand in the Lionfish tank.

25 November
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I don't really post entries to this journal, I use it to access LJ communities. That being said, I don't mind adding people, just ask.

action rpgs, agility, alienware, american cocker spaniels, amphibians, animal behavior, animal rescue, animal rights, animal science, animals, anime, aquaculture, aquarium science, aquariums, aquatic plants, ball pythons, banjo kazooie, behavioral ecology, bettas, bioethics, biology, bisexual, black cat, boas, brackish aquariums, camping, cats, chemistry, chocolate, clownfish, cocker spaniels, coconut water, coffee, collecting, collecting pokemon, computers, coral, crash bandicoot, dance dance revolution, death note, degus, digimon, disgaea, disney, dog training, dogs, dragonets, dungeons and dragons, earthbound, ecology, environmentalism, espresso, exotic pets, fanworms, feminism, filter feeders, fire emblem, fish, fostering animals, freshwater ecology, gaming, genetics, giant clams, gobies, gorgonians, hamsters, herps, hiking, house rabbits, invertebrate zoology, invertebrates, k9 nosework, lady and the tramp, laptops, lattes, magical girl pretty sammy, manga, marine aquariums, marine biology, marine ecology, marine fish, might and magic, mother 2, mother 3, music, mutts, nature, nintendo, nintendo 3ds, nintendo 64, nintendo ds, outdoors, outlaw star, pathfinder, pc gaming, pixar, platformers, playstation portable, pocket monsters, pokemon, psp, pythons, quail, rabbits, rally-o, rayman, reading, recettear, reef aquariums, reef ecology, reptiles, rodents, rpgs, saltwater aquariums, sasami, science, shamanic princess, snakes, soft coral, sonic the hedgehog, spaniels, spicy foods, spiny mice, stony coral, strategy games, super nintendo, tabletop rpgs, tenchi muyo, terraria, the elder scrolls, the legend of zelda, the lion king, tracking, turtles, video games, wii, wild arms, women's rights, writing, xenia, ys, zoanthids, zoology