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GOOD-BYE 2oo5.

so this year i've been on a roller coaster basically. 

+me & my favorite girls katherine katie caroline mollie kaylyn dee jordan laura kayla alex katelyn & brooklynn have grown closer.

- rumors drama lies.

-i always saw these other guys i thought i liked then got heartbroken

+ but at the end i found something better. the most amazing guy who is not just my boyfriend, but my best friend. chase=].

- i started to care what others thought.

+ now i don't give a rat's ass.

+i grew closer to God.

+ spring break with caroline & caitlin<3 meeting justin. hahah fun times-

-/+ i met alot of new people like alex judged them at first, then found out how awesome & close i became to them

+ grew closer to my family

+ changed my whole attitude on life around.

overall, this year has changed me as a person. it's been a great year but in 2oo6 i have resolutions. mine are to live life to the fullest & not care what people think. i know who my friends are & i don't need any other opinions. comment with yours.

lastnight i went to chase's house with him colby katelyn keaton jimmy(jeremy m.) & some other people. we just hung around watched the ball drop with his parents & their friends & watched some fireworks. colby's dad took me & katelyn to her dad's house katelyn fell asleep around 230 & i went to sleep around 430 cause there was a degrassi marathon.haha. woke up at1115 then my mom took me to the mall i got a pair of pants & shirt from hollister & some jewelry from forever 21. so my new years was just........amazing. more than i could ever ask for & im glad i got to spend it with chase & everyone else<3

HELLO 2oo6.

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okay so i wasn't going to update but this calls for one. its been bugging me for a really long time & it's time to vent out.

so i'm really tired of thinking i have these friends & then poof to them im nothing. well guess what? fuck you. im sorrybut i should have never wasted my time with you/yall. yall will probably comment saying your my friend when you really arent. if you havent noticed yet im kinda avoiding you on purpose. im not going to be a bitch & be like go away i hate you. ill say hey & smile but thats because im not going to let you get to me. i wont talk about you although yall do about me. so yall lost a friend & im not sure if we can be "best friends" like we all used to.

comment i guess. im really like depressed about this.
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holaa. it`s been awhile LJ. i've learned you can't blame gravity, but the stupid little boys who lead you on. but it's okay because i'm over that. i'm going out with chase as most of yall know && i've never been so happy. i like him alot. omgg. at the dance the 6th graders kept dancing all over eachother && i would jump in the middle && start making fun of them..lol- what's everyone doing for new years? i keep thinking about having a party but idkk. have yall noticed theres been alot of hookups? like katelyn+colby, ryan+sharon, me+chase, && i forgot the others lol. i can't believe christmas is in 6 days. it's come too quick. well comment since i haven't updated in foreverr.:)



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You can't blame GRAViTY for falling into love.--Albert Einstein

im aware it's from the field trip but i love it. Also, everyone says the field trip was lame. I think it was awesome. But I also have my reasons. So there's this boy blah blah blah but this time it's real.  I just realized a second ago how much he really means to me. He's just so wow. Maybe this time it might work. I love Dee Finch! I was with him & Dee the whole time. It was fun. The Imax was funny. Haha, Well comment with a memory of me && you.♥

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Alright. Alot of people are doing this so I'm bored && I figured i would do it.


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We miss you && love you so much!


Jeremy Farren 'Perm'

Oct.14, 1988 - Oct. 31, 2004

only the GOOD die young..


comment =/

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Hey againn.

I got a new user pic. Do you like it? I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it. But yeah life's going alot smoother. I'm friends with Laura Brooklynn Nicole & Tom again. I'm not really sure on Kath because I've heard a few things but idk. Today was Decade Day. I came dressed up as the 80's & I got comments such as " You look like Madonna", "You & Colby are the best dressed", and "You look like a crackwhore". Lovley, right? But yeah today me & Jordan finished the door! It's pretty cute. Today was an alright day. I don't get many comments so I want to see how many comments I can get. S0 C0MMENTTT!!



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