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__яupтuяεd αт ℓivεјσuяиαℓ [entries|friends|calendar]
__яupтuяεd αт ℓivεјσuяиαℓ

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104// [Tuesday, August 2nd@ 9:38]
[ mood | excited ]

OH DANG. Backstreet boys are coming TOMORROW. Can you stand the excitement?! I CAN'T! Woo. If I meet Nick, you should be jealous. He's like...drool! Boy bands rock. =)

I'll prob. have pics for everyone to see their hottness. K bye! ♥


103// [Friday, July 22nd@ 11:55]
[ mood | awake ]

On weds. I went to Red Oaks waterpark. It was fun stuff. We saw these pale bitches and they pushed the floatie away from Christine so we sought revenge. We had her brother and his friend splash and push them. It was really funny. Then there was this lifeguard and we were stalking him in the lazy river, haha.

Yesterday, I went to see Charlie & the Chocolate factory. It was really good. I liked it a lot. Lmao, Courtney was like the fat little german boy, Augustus Gloop. Lmao Johnny Depp kept getting weird flashbacks and hes like "Daddy..? POPPA!?" Hahaha. You just have to see it :) Then after the movie, I rushed and forgot my purse and after 10 mins i was like OH MY GOD WHERES MY PURSE!? hahah. It was really funny.

Courtney was getting candy and she forgot her wallet. I pulled mine out to play a game and shes like omg give me my wallet back! haha it was funny. Then I got to drive her home. She witnessed my sucky driving :)

P.S. I NEED BSB tickets!!!


102// [Tuesday, July 19th@ 6:45]
[ mood | okay ]

New Layout. It looks poopy. Comment, bitches.

Oh yeah! Backstreet boys is coming to Clarkston. Does anyone want to go. I think it'd be super fun :) I know you want to.

Ok, I'm done.

101// [Sunday, July 10th@ 1:06]
[ mood | infuriated ]

People who were my best friends since elementary school have turned into something I never want to become; A bad friend.

What makes a bad friend ? Well, I'll tell you!
1. People who don't hang out with you because they have 'better' friends.
2. People who only talk to you if they have no one else to talk to.
3. People who talk about you and you pretty much know it.
That sums it up, but I'm sure there is more.

Note to self : Ignore the stuck-up bitches who you once thought would actually be there.

Have a fucktastic day, bitches.


100// [Saturday, July 9th@ 6:53]
[ mood | content ]

Yesterday I went to Sam's with Erin. It was mucho fun. Besides the fact I left my purse there and it has my permit in it. Hmm, yes.

I'm over Hwa-lings with Tara right now. Taras QUEER. HAHAH. Moving on. I went to the mall and it was fun. We saw Travis. No more shopping for me. I'm offically going to stop for like...a month until i have to get jeans for school.

&&&& I want some coldstone. &&&& I wanna drive, but noooooooo Hwa-ling won't let me. I'm trustworthy with cars!

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