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[ 11:35pm||.04.05 ]
i didn't steal your boyfriend.
*_ _ _sneeze

it's perfect. [ 1:58am||.04.05 ]
[ mood | happy ]

today was so nice. i liked it a lot.
i probably have food poisoning.

but i don't even care! i'm happy.

lol we're going to lowe's tomorrow.

you don't even know the 411. ahahahahaha.


[ 10:44am||.02.05 ]

jared has a new email:

and a new myspace:

[ 1:03pm||.25.05 ]
whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do i have these terrible hiccoughs HIK-UPZ?

THEY'RE REALLY LOUD. i have too many photo bucket accounts.

i do not miss my all-brown hair.



i miss this house.
let's go back, jared. thanks.

and, yes. i JUST updated. ahahdalkfs.

i like going public. lololol.

[ 12:57pm||.25.05 ]

i have a fantasy!!!
by britney spears.

me and janie have shirts, too.

they're UGLY.
and i'll never wear mine!!

the box is cool.
it's like a genie in a bottle!

i have new sunglasses! they're hotttt.
i have a new purse! it's cute! duhduhduhduhdudhudhd.
i love all of my other new things, too!
i get more things monday...yesyesyesysseysyes!
i'm excited.

this is funnnnnn! [ 11:37pm||.18.05 ]
[ mood | giggly ]

wow. i loved today. i loved yesterday. i've loved this week, pretty much.

fat bastard tastes like shit. don't ever buy any.
and pink champagne is not romantic or cute.
it's nasty.


a few sips of a typhoon + a few sips of long island tea, and you're plastered! hahah!
i like that word! plastered!! it's like sheet rock only not at all?!

getting plastered for five minutes was way more enjoyable than being at homecoming for five minutes.

i like taking pictures and feeling pretty and dressed up, kind of.
i like it when jared dresses up. he's hotttttt.
i like being tickled a whole lot.
i like my bracelets.
i also like staying up and watching subtitled movies.

being broke for a day is fun, too.

ps; it's cute when ugly girls call my boyfriend and he won't answer when i tell him to.
*_ _ _sneeze

[ 6:08am||.19.05 ]
[ mood | gjfdvrey ]

i haven't went to sleep yet!
i cleaned up parts of my room, kind of.
and guessed passwords..oh yes. i'm sooo good.

happy father's day. ha.

*_ _ _sneeze

lucky ln, lol [ 11:49am||.26.05 ]
[ mood | giddy ]

oh jesus!!

i found $10 on the lunchroom floor

i feel really bad now, though

i hope that nothing bad happens to me now

omg me and brandy just took a career test
and im gonna be a model or a funiture finisher, and she's gonna pick up my trash


[ 9:46am||.26.05 ]
i just got kind of sad =\

[ 4:03pm||.21.05 ]
another month of school!

[ 3:03am||.17.05 ]
cars are not made for rivers

[ 1:45am||.16.05 ]
I am worth $11,723,020.00 on HumanForSale.com

[ 7:36am||.15.05 ]

[ 8:33am||.14.05 ]
i want to go see gym class heroes.
stupid school.
*_ _ _sneeze

[ 9:13pm||.10.05 ]
[ mood | happy ]

oh my gosh, i love fireworks.
one of them hit my car though.Collapse )

*_ _ _sneeze

[ 1:46pm||.09.05 ]
it's finally over. and i'm glad.
*_ _ _sneeze

[ 2:42am||.02.05 ]
i want to go rofffle in the rain

who wants to come with me? =\

ps, i have HUGE puddles for roffling in my driveways!!!!!!!!!

[ 3:22am||.01.05 ]
on april fool's..

you can't lie about stuff.

well, nothing worth lying about.

i mean, the normal things, yeah. i can lie any day.


like, if i said my cat got ran over by a lawn mower and chopped up into little pieces..

no one would believe me.
not because that's ridiculous.
or even because i don't have a cat or a lawn mower.
because it's april fools.

to be really good

you have to be really cruel.
and that's sad.

but it's the truth.

and okay.

[ 3:20am||.01.05 ]
hey i fell down my stairs.

no i'm not april fooling you.
it was dark. the light is out on them.

and i now my nose is bleeding.

for real doggggCollapse )
*_ _ _sneeze

[ 7:43pm||.30.05 ]
i'mCollapse )</blockquote></font>ps; i need new friends.
*_ _ _sneeze

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