Rosa the Beautiful (__rosieposie) wrote,
Rosa the Beautiful

[Topic 12: Moments of Devastating Beauty]

Across vast landscapes, through thick stands of trees, over warm whirlpools and waters, up mighty mountains and down grassy plains, she inhales and she exhales.  Since the dawn of eternity, she has watched millions of creatures fashion habitats in her crevices and crannies.  Patience and providence have guided the evolution of her many lifeforms, tentacles unfurled, antennae probing, legs weaving, hands clasping. 

When homo sapiens began to evolve, she smiled beams of light down upon them, mindful not to burn them, mindful to protect them.  She watched them mate; she watched them evade predators; she watched them develop.  They re-created themselves, as all of her creatures did, and she was proud of their accomplishments.  They developed habitats; they fortified their territories.  They fashioned tools out of sticks and stones; they became smart.  They could outwit other creatures and they grew arrogant.  She watched them cross vast distances and settle in new places.  She watched them pioneer her entire world.  She did not interfere; she did not react.

When the Industrial era began, she cringed.  Year by year, she watched her homo sapiens become more advanced.  They began inventing things and taking credit for them.  Within half a century, they had factories and engines, cameras and refined oil.  She watched them harvest her crops as they desired.  She watched them send chlorofluorocarbons into her atmosphere; she watched her precious layers of ozone deteriorate.  Hot, searing ultraviolet light bore down on her homo sapiens and she trusted that they would heed her warning.  After several decades, the homo sapiens came together to ban the poisonous substance.  She watched them extract oil from vast, open land that protected her fossils.  She watched them move automobiles and emit carbon dioxide into her oxygen-rich air.  She watched them throw plastics onto her topsoil; she watched them carve gigantic holes in her earth with which to store their man-made garbage.  She watched them genetically modify the crops and creatures that she had provided for millions of years.  Through all of this, she grew weary and worn.  She suffered.

At the turn of the second millennium, she unleashed tornadoes and hurricanes where tornadoes and  hurricanes had never before been witnessed by homo sapiens.  For the first time in their history, she sent down a South Atlantic hurricane, forcing them to re-write their geography and science literature and re-think everything they thought they knew about  her and how she operated.  She rained and she poured and she monsooned.  She sucked moisture from already dry, arid areas.  She watched the homo sapiens suffer and perish.  She trusts that they will heed her warning.  In her moments of devastating beauty, she hopes for change.  That they will recycle their goods, rebuild their cities, re-invent their wheels, rethink their decisions, restore their environment.  Because if they do not, none of this will matter.  None of this will ever be the same again. 

This is my submission for therealljidol. My partner for this Intersection Round was  intrepia . I hope you will consider voting for her and for me in this week's poll.
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