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What's the matter with the truth — LiveJournal
Did I offend your ears?
I got the tickets! A lot further than I thought it would be considering I purchased them at 10am exactly.. but they are floor seating!! Now I just have to figure out my plan of how to lure jemaine to me.. :)

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Haven't bothered to update in 2 weeks, lazy isn't it? I'm at my one source of internet access to get my FOTC tickets for the presale for me and jo! OMG, you don't even know how excited I am! SO excited I vomited on the way here, haha.. yeah it's gross. I'm pretty sure I got sick because of the food I ate last night... ugh.

I'm trying to "grow up" (not really happening but..) and change some things around me.. I started to realize something I should've a long time ago. You can't force someone into doing something... be it a "friend", or bf or whatever. It gets really pathetic being the only one trying, while the other person couldn't even be bothered. I just decided to stop being around the insensitive bitches, and more around positive influences... aka. JO! :)

I've got to do something before 10 or else I'm gonna be so jumpy... so I'm going to file or something IDK. WISH ME LUCK :D

walmarts newest deli employee

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wahhh wahhh.

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