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Im going insane.
you know that teacher from daria with the big bloodshot veiny eye.I think I look like him right now.
so tired but hey the neighbor kids are playing...this late at night -_-
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I feel sorry for lj.
everyones all OMFGZ XANGA HEHEHEHHEHhehe
and left poor lil livejournal neglected in the prayer closet.
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long time no update.
Im at the library and I havent slept.
the people are spraying the house for the blasted roaches.
I miss chuck.
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nothing says good morning like puking up you multi-vitamin
I talked to theresa on the phone.
I love her <3
then I listened to my voice mail
Nikki:-sigh- black people"
so I love her too
and kristen
and amanda palmer
and Regis Philbin.
then found a note from somebody that I wish I wouldnt have found. I thought I threw them all way but alas the keep showing up.
Im thinking about introducing it to mr blender.

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In the morning I cried
leave me to die
you won't remember my voice
I walked away and grew old
you never talk
we never smile
I scream
you're nothing
I dont need you anymore
you're nothing

it all fades and spins

sing out loud
we all die
laughing into the fire

is it always like this?

oh robert smith how I adore you

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so today was okay.

we went to one yard sale, then walked in the heat ( I think I developed skin cancer) I really should avoid the sun. anyways, we walked to some dingy resturant called "hoagies" the name enough made me sudder.

there was beer on my seat, it was really gross. I had a salad with no dressing, they had some big ass greasy pizza.

so in an attempt to make myself feel better I decided to play Urge Overkill "girl you'll be a woman soon" you know from pulp fiction, or you dont know whatever.

then some prince.

went back to kristens mother's home, her grandmother picked us up and we went to walmart.

we wore floppy red hats and big sunglasses.

total diva's
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