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Uh Im black after 2:30 at night?
JustXyourXpuppet [2:37 AM]: niggas aint be sayin ur name dai be lookin at me and seein me with so much game
Oh Operaaator x [2:38 AM]: hahahaha
Oh Operaaator x [2:38 AM]: Bitch nigga please you aint got no game them boiz see yo ASS and dey like "PLAIN JANE" whats mai name? nigga I run this game
JustXyourXpuppet [2:40 AM]: what?!? nigga say plain jane hunni u aint get dat i run dis and u anit get this when boiz look at ur azz dai all like oh shit son ghetto ass needs to check herself before she be wreckin herself
JustXyourXpuppet [2:41 AM]: oh shit can you say nigga moment
Oh Operaaator x [2:42 AM]: ^^ WHAT THE hell BITCH DAT AINT EVEN RHYME busta cap?yeHI think its time FOR ME to end this rhyme like I do all time, got yo man at home, hittin me from behind
JustXyourXpuppet [2:44 AM]: mi man from your behinde how can he even find ur azz crack hefier
JustXyourXpuppet [2:44 AM]: daymn
Oh Operaaator x [2:44 AM]: hahahahah
Oh Operaaator x [2:45 AM]: yo listen to this ho, last time she got love IT WAS FROM A DILDO
JustXyourXpuppet [2:45 AM]: i am not disagreeing with dat one
Oh Operaaator x [2:46 AM]: that was cool
JustXyourXpuppet [2:46 AM]: haha black
JustXyourXpuppet [2:46 AM]: i think im living off of bepto bismol
JustXyourXpuppet [2:46 AM]: petol
Oh Operaaator x [2:46 AM]: you start a new rhyme
JustXyourXpuppet [2:46 AM]: whateva
Oh Operaaator x [2:46 AM]: pepto
JustXyourXpuppet [2:48 AM]: daymn straight up i b reppen this town im a black woman single parent just tryin to make a livin my babbi dady anit pay his bills he out sellin daymn pillz
JustXyourXpuppet [2:48 AM]: (wtf Keikei feel asleep sitting up)
Oh Operaaator x [2:49 AM]: hahaha
JustXyourXpuppet [2:49 AM]: (i am waiting on BET to inspire me for a new rhyme)
Oh Operaaator x [2:51 AM]: Bitch ass ho no one cares, dat you shop and dolla general fo yo undawear. It aint my fault he aint pay y0 billz Getcha black azz on da street and walk them HIlzz to the bus nigga yo ass smell like musk.
Oh Operaaator x [2:51 AM]: -ying yang twin noise-
JustXyourXpuppet [2:53 AM]: bitch it aint my fault u b usin a carrot to get chu jimmys you smell like a sushi bar wraped into a trash can i shop at a nice store called babii phat oh wait u wouldnt kno what dat is cuz u be a nasty hefier and there is no u bitch dar is only me
Oh Operaaator x [2:53 AM]: hahahahahaha
Oh Operaaator x [2:54 AM]: "sushi bar wrapped into a trash can"
JustXyourXpuppet [2:54 AM]: haha well it means u be smellin like some stanky ass raw fish
Oh Operaaator x [2:55 AM]: Nigga pleazz I run dis shit, bess shutcho black mouf fo it get it. yeah I shoP aT nice Storez ho JIMMY CHOO Ima walk Dem Heelz all ovah you.
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