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cunt ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kunt)
n. Vulgar Slang
1.The female genital organs.
2.Sexual intercourse with a woman.
3Theresa Daniels and Kristen Mack

see also:a vast majority of Ben's friends
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The Day The Queer Disappeared

On one morning our hero found himself awakened by the people collecting the the garbage. Confused as to why he had actually slept the entire night through, as aposed to staying up all night doing homework he searched the dark room for his pants. Yawning, stretching, and scratching he made his way into the kitchen noting on the way as he glanced into the bathroom mirror, that he looked like Robert Smith's bastard child in the morning hours. When he finally made it to the stove he turned on the kettle and sat infront of his home schooling computer. Glaring at the words trying to make sense of them he managed to finish two assignments. He turned off his computer, drank his tea and watched "The Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood" on television.(uhm o_o) Somewhere between the hours of six and ten Drinky McSleepsalot awoke from her slumber.

Her:"Oh my God I love this movie"

Ben: "oh"

Then he went off to his bedroom for a middle of the day nap and didnt wake up until nine in the evening. He ate dinner, then fell asleep in the bath tub. At 10:30pm he woke up and checked his voicemail, there was like 34938409380938403 messages. And from the looks of it there was trouble.

so doing what any super hero would do, he went back to bed.

somebody just might end up face first in the potty.

I wish more people would wake up this early so Im not forced to sit here in boredom watching the paint peel off the wall.
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shopping resulted in;

a)one happy queer
b)new found self confidence thing
c)new boxers which are very cute
d)all of the above.
you decide.

I feel good, and my jean size reduced by an inch =] I dont know why I'm up this early, it probably has something to do with homework.

new years is in one day, and yet nobody to kiss at the stroke of midnight.It's all good, who needs a kiss when you've got the perfect pair of jeans. Oh and friends too.
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me and black are going shopping.

JustXyourXpuppet [11:24 PM]: Oh shit son at the gawthick store everything there is 50% off

I thought it was funny. My birthday is this month, I really hope I can get a notebook, not a new one just one of those used ones from the newspaper.
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its weird to see my buddy list so blank, I removed all the people I didnt know/ dont feel compelled to instant message.

the queer knows what he wants to do with his life.
and he will be legally driving in two months.

better rope the folks in - I’m on the loose again
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