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dun dun dunnn

fuurrrrrrrrrrENDS ONLY.

sing a song while sittin' at a red light

All my icons are for personal use, buuuut... it's always nice to credit people anyway =)

cap credits:

SPN - justfreefallin

That 70s show - letsbebad

Boy Meets World - kajungirl81

Breakfast Club - _jems_

A Christmas Story - peacefully

High School Musical - snowflakie06


May. 3rd, 2007

ETA: So basically I logged onto LJ at school and one of my friends, Jordan, was like, OH WHAT? YOU'RE NOT WORKING? So he took my keyboard and started typing and I was intrigued, although incredibly disturbed:

It was a dark and stormy night. And sex sounded nice.

I was too lame to get a boyfriend so I hired a male prostitute named Leviathan, and he was basically a god. He had a weird disorder where he actually had a tail. But that made him better in bed. It was a long blue slimy tail with hard fins on the spine of the tail.

I think I'm pregnant with a funky child that might be born with a tail. I wonder what the other girls at school will say when they hear about this. I bet they'll all be jealous because they've never had sex with a guy with a slimy tail with hard fins on the spine. In fact I bet at least one person at school will be mad at me too because they've never had any good sex on account of them being social rejects and unable to obtain the nerve to hire a prostitute with a long blue slimy tail with hard fins on the spine.

I can't stop thinking about last night. It was sooo incredibly amazing. I don't think I'll be able to ever have good sex with anyone else because I'm addicted to the idea of a long blue slimy tail with hard fins on the spine. In fact... I think I might start my own personal study in biology in order to breed a male adult that has an extensive blue slimy tail with hard fins on the spine.

I know that it's only a small chance that a prostitute has enough money to afford a computer and actually has time to look on livejournal but, my dearest, if you are reading this, know that I want you. I want you and your long blue slimy tail with hard fins on the spine. (And this time, I'll give you a better tip.)

[courtesy of Darth Kotor]

Okay, so if you're not too disturbed, listen to me complain =/


1. I have really bad cramps =(

2. I have a headache

3. I'm getting kind of stuffy.

4. the space bar doesn't work.

5. I'm obssesed with a long blue slimy tail with hard fins on the spine.

6. zippitgood! I got an extension on our project. It's due Monday. Sweet.

Sep. 7th, 2005

Ask a question anonymously you wouldn't necessarily ask in person, or would want others to know you're asking, to me. I'll answer it in another entry, and you'll have your answer without having to admit you wanted to know it. I promise to try to answer all questions, although I do not promise it will be in an unlocked post.


Tell me a secret, or say anything you feel like saying, really.

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