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concrete colored buildings all grow stale [entries|friends|calendar]
krishie noel.

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[28 Nov 2005|05:16pm]
thanksgiving was sweet.
most awesome thing ever? ..
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[14 Nov 2005|07:12pm]
i'm a lesbian.
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[08 Nov 2005|05:19pm]
At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just not facing the truth. Some are evil men at war with good. And some are good struggling with evil. Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls and sometimes all you need is one

it'll be a blast. [28 Sep 2005|05:00pm]
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.

i love youuu
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[23 Sep 2005|04:38pm]
[ mood | scared ]

See that line. Well I never should have crossed it..


[16 Sep 2005|05:58pm]
We always knew that you were better.
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[15 Sep 2005|08:50pm]
new layout.

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[12 Sep 2005|07:47pm]
this honestly made me cry a little.

A religion teacher assigned her class an essay on what makes a good Christian. One student wrote about praying nightly, say no to abortion, banning gay marriage, and donating money. The other student wrote about talking to God and allowing people to enjoy their lives, and supporting the love that gay marriage represented and the freedom to be found in abortion. The day the teacher was to hand the papers back, she called up the second student and told him she would pray for him when he went to hell. The student asked why would he be going to hell, and why he got an F on his paper. The teacher told him that Catholicism is against gay marriage. The student looked at her for a minute, then said aloud, "I'm gay." The teacher kicked him out of class as if he had said fuck or worshiped Satan. A girl in the back of class who had a boyfriend and was obviously straight got up and left too.

If you would leave the classroom, repost this. It doesn't matter if you're straight, bi, or gay. It doesn't matter if you're Catholic or not. Everyone is a human being and deserves happiness.

[22 Aug 2005|02:08pm]

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intro chem . mcinally

interior design . burke

poetry . windle

software managment . harper

health . daugherty

comtemp geometry . gran

A lunch
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[14 Aug 2005|12:10pm]
wow. i never expected this to happen again. i mean maybe i knew it would.. but i was just indenial. i hate this. so much. i hate everything that goes along with it too. why does she have to do this.

[07 Aug 2005|12:05pm]
i don't even know what to say. I NEED TO RELAX.
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[05 Aug 2005|10:24am]

i just ran across this and thought it was well worth posting.


Mathew Wayne Shepard
December 1st, 1976 - October 12th 1998

The funeral has taken place in the United States of Matthew Shepard, a 21 year-old student, who was savagely beaten to death because he was gay. Friends and family gathered in pouring rain at the church in the town of Casper, Wyoming, where he was baptised.
Matthew had been lured from a campus bar shortly after midnight on October 7 by two men who told him they were gay. He was driven to a remote area near the Sherman Hills neighbourhood east of Laramie, tied to a split-rail fence, tortured, beaten and pistol-whipped by his attackers, while he begged for his life; he was then left for dead in near freezing temperatures. A cyclist who found him on Snowy Mountain View Road at 6:22 pm, some 18 hours after the attack, at first mistook him for a scarecrow. He was unconscious and suffering from hypothermia. His face was caked with blood, except where it had been partially washed clean by tears.
Matthew died at 12:53 am on Monday 12th October 1998, at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado, with his family at his bedside. Hospital officials said Matthew had a fracture from behind his head to just in front of his right ear and a massive brain stem injury which affected his vital signs, including his heart beat, body temperature and other involuntary functions. There were also approximately a dozen small lacerations around his head, face and neck. He was so badly injured in the attack that doctors were unable to operate. He never regained consciousness after being found, and remained on full life support.
While Matthew lay dying in hospital, just a few miles away, a group of students from Colorado State University thought it would be funny to ride atop a homecoming float that featured a scarecrow figure designed to resemble Matthew's battered body. The figure was wearing a sign that said "I'm gay." An obscene message was painted across the back of the scarecrow's shirt. The students didn't mean to be insensitive. It was supposed to be a joke. They were just ordinary, average guys, having a bit of fun.
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instead of getting ready for school. [03 Aug 2005|09:39am]
Google search for "kristie is"

Kristie is just a click or call away
Kristie is the person you want to trust with your home-buying
Kristie is considered completely disabled
Kristie is a leader
When awake, Kristie is a charismatic beauty of smiles, joy, laughter, ...
Kristie is the love of my life. She is a kind, loving, affectionate person
Kristie is creative, honest, open-minded and loves to learn new things.
Kristie is truly an inspiration to entrepreneurs
Kristie is interested in making films free from the adoration of a population that looks to the stars for approval in their daily horoscopes [what??]
Kristie is a solid student who always does what's asked
Kristie is the sweetest person i have ever encountered

well that was fun! : )

Lil Jon is da bomb and he would whoop anybody in anything


[29 Jul 2005|11:01am]

i had the worst dream ever this morning. you know how you realize what you have once you lose it? well it was something like that.

i can't talk anymore, i lost my voice. its always fun though.

i'm addicted to pancakes.

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[29 Jul 2005|12:15am]
i hate being sick. i hate how i expect certain people to treat me different just because i'm sick. i hate how they don't.
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[27 Jul 2005|04:25pm]
so in a nut shell, yesterday sucked.
the night ended off with good feelings attatched though. which is always nice.

i'm still sick (2 whole days!). exciting. i think i might have strep or tonsilitis which ultimately leads to getting my poor little tonsils removed. that means ice cream though. i guess i can be pretty pumped for that.

so i talked to my dad. not as bad as i had expected. still brought me down of course. i don't know what to do. well.. i know what i'm going to do, i just don't know if i want to.

i'm waiting for jon to get here. he's been at home getting dressed for god only knows how long.

a bee landed on me today. a few times. i'm still a little traumatized.
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it's the little things that matter most. [26 Jul 2005|12:50pm]
well. i'm sick. i stayed home from summer school (horrible thing, i know). i do have peanut butter cap'n crunch to keep me company!!

today is my half birthday. pretty exciting, i know. jons taking me to red robin : )

my dad called me. deff had my grandma make up a lie so i didnt have to talk to him. i hate how he calls me. what do i have to say to him. he's stupid. my grandpa is too for wanting me to talk to him. the only reason he does is so my dad doesnt blame it on my grandparents. forget my feelings. i hate that. i really dont want anything to do with my dad.

me &&jon went to visit my mom yesterday in ann arbor. it was fun. we went swimming there. i for surely cannot swim. my mom is sweet, i miss her. and i miss my brother. my grandparents gave me this cute little lecture again about how i cant go to whitmore. i hate that. i grew up there. i had a whole life there. gosh.

this summer went by too fast. i know its not over but almost. summer school sucked. i get so stressed. i kind of like having something to do every day though. i hate too much free time. this school year is going to suck. i'm only half way done. yeah.
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[06 Jul 2005|05:06pm]
i adore maria mena
i miss jon
i'm going to spend the night with catie tonight
school tomorrow morning
my cousin just fell down the stairs

[03 Jul 2005|09:52pm]

my pet!

'cause nothings like bein held
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[24 Jun 2005|09:54pm]
[ mood | in love ]

hey puppy i love you so much i just hacked my way on to your livejournal just call me kristie!!! today were going to the spree and were gonna ride all the rides and we wont even have to wait in line. but i just want to tell you one more time that im really sorry for what i did and it wont ever happen again cause i love you so so so much and you have your elaphant now while your reading this well actully i hope you do. but i better end this soon so i love you so much puppy and im probably gonna go kiss you when i finish this entry so just remember that kiss but im out i love you

your boyfriend

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