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12 December
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Most people would describe Martel as a quiet woman, whose defining trait is her status as a healer. Other than that, there is simply very little to say about her. Martel drifts through her life, seemingly only focusing on her duties, work, and research. While she is easy to speak with and to like, few can get past her carefully constructed public persona. Kind and selfless, Martel seems unable to consider her own well-being. This, coupled with her inability to say "no" to people, often leads her to overwork herself. Prone to bouts of moody depression, Martel is not the most emotionally stable person in the Ranch. She has more good days then bad as of late, but Dr. Eirika's diagnosis of clinical depression still stands.

Her memory and grasp of time are, at best, spotty. There are bits and pieces of her life that she simply cannot account for or remember, save in dim and vague flashes, as if they belonged to a completely different person. The largest gap of her time that is missing is a period of several months, which Martel describes as, "the time when I was away."

She thinks that this should probably bother her. (It doesn't.)

Martel for omg_symphonia played by relares

PBs are Lucy from Elfen Lied and CC from Code Geass. (y-yes, I know there are proper Martel images now, but do you know how hard it is to play psycho!Martel with regular Martel imagery?? D8)

I like how I will NEVER write up a proper userinfo for poor Martel, lol I am a filthy copycat :(


^ all you ever need to know about martel :)