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tales of this broken heart of hers

{ i keep falling a p a r t }

miss coquetta
24 January 1983
11:11_make a wish!, accents, alice in wonderland, animal rights, aqualung, arms around my waist, art, beavis & butthead, being naughty, being-in-love, black & white photography, books, chad michael murray, chocolate, clothes, coldplay, colour photography, courtney cox-arquette, cuddling, daisies, dalí, dancing, dare-you-to-move, david shwimmer, dawson's creek, diamonds, dogs, drinks, dvds, el canto del loco, elizabeth wurtzel, ellen degeneres, essays, falling in love, fashion design, first loves, flirting, food, friends, gifts, girl's night in, girl's night out, glamour, hearts, holding hands, hugh jackman, hugs, it's happy bunny!, italian food, james lafferty, jennifer aniston, jerry orbach, jewelry making, jim carrey, john cusack, joshua jackson, journalism, journals, kate hudson, kisses in the dark, kisses on my neck, kisses on my shoulders, kissing, kurt halsey, laughing, law and order, law and order: svu, linkin park, lisa kudrow, livejournal, lj icons, long stares, looking at the stars, lost in translation, love, lust, making love, making out, mariska hargitay, maroon 5, matt le blanc, matthew perry, memoirs, monet, movies, msn messenger, mtv, music, my friends, new york, novels, old san juan, one tree hill, pacey&joey_fan_forever!, parakeets, peanuts, poetry, pride and prejudice, prose, prozac nation, puerto rico, puma brand, puppies, quotes, rachel&ross_fan_forever!, ricky martin, robi rosa, romance, say anything, scarlett johansson, scrapbooking, serendipity, sex, sex and the city, shoes, shooting stars, short stories, smiling, snail mail, snoopy, someone like you, stars, surprises, sweet touches, switchfoot, sylvia plath, text messages, that 70's show, the bell jar, the oc, the virgin suicides, tom hanks, truth, vincent van gogh, whispers of love, will & grace, wishing on stars, words, writing,