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Contact me? You want to?

Okay. So I won't be available for rp until the upcoming SakuraCon is over. I'll be online as much as usual, however, I won't be rping. I have to think about the con and the costumes and whatnot.

So, if you want to contact me. Here are a few things that COULD be rather helpful.

AIM: OMG Obito
Yahoo!: hagane_edwardelric
MSN: tgraham65@msn.com (The one I'm FORCED to be on. It's not even mine. But I can use it. Because no one else does.)
E-mail: hijutsu_makyou_hyoushou@hotmail.com (I'm going to change this soon. So I'll edit this post once I get my new one.)

That's it for that stuff. I'm off to be online and talk to people and stuff and stuff.
EdoNaru // __akachou

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