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i've gotten a new journal. fivetakesthree

i've added just about everyone from this one.
you can add me back HERE.
if for some reason you don't want to be added on the new one, you can IM me.

i'll also be using for this ending on AIM now.

it's a little more than just an "i feel like it".
if you want to know, you can ask.
i'm also sick of underscores.


my favorite day of the year. and i got it right this time, thanks to Bobert.

i like first block. it's so much better than second. today i got to be lab partners with the single most awesome people in the entire world. no, really...i'm so lucky. my teacher counts us off so we're in different groups each time, when it really just ends up being the same horrible groups of people nobody gets along with.

my brother is the man at car troubles. he got a flat this evening.

look what i found!:


so, i was right. completely right. today we found a nice little toasted MOUSE in our oven. broken up/shattered into tons of little mouse pieces. i was unable to be there for the removal, but i was told there was one piece with an eye. that WAS the smell. i knew it all along. every time we cooked stuff, this gross smell would spread through the whole house. and the other day, it started smoking like crazy. mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse MOUSE. DEAD mouse. FRIED mouse.

i really wish that mapquest would start being right. or any online directions for that matter.

i really feel like killing a small woodland creature. oh wait, it looks like i've already done that!

anyone else care to join me at Mars Volta on May 9th?
i'm probably going to buy tickets soon.


i just finished the temporary band site. see?
i can't wait to get going.

the past few days have been horrible.

you: please stop leaving me comments about how much you love and miss me. you're one of the creepiest people i've ever met. i never see you. i've only met you 4 times because i was forced to.

these pants are ripped so much.


Mike totaled his car around 1am last night on a concrete highway divider coming off an on-ramp. He's alright, but the car's not. He's going shopping tomorrow to look for something new. All the stereo stuff is fine, and he's getting it tomorrow.

i hate car wrecks. you have no idea how much stuff like this scares me. even little fender benders freak me out wheneven i'm in a car, with anyone.

i wish this happened two days ago, on April fools. which is a horrible day by the way, i hate April fools. i don't know why.


today: braces. my mouth is dead. i have a really bad headache, and don't feel like eating anything. the upsides: they're only for about a year and half, and i get to miss class every now and then. but i doubt i'll get around to taking pictures, and posting them. so you'll just have to see me. but i have a feeling my mouth will end up on here somehow.

new myspace url. done.

i really hate letting myself be walked on, and that there's really nothing i can do about it in this case.

i almost forgot...

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the morning started out with tons of candy, like every year, then messing up alot while playing, but eventually being ok. then came home and ate, with a surprise visit from my cousins, which included a few egg hunts. they have to be some of the cutest kids alive.

hey, remember this?