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Fight the fascist army. [entries|friends|calendar]
Lauren doesn't know that her house is on fire.

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So. My name's Lauren. I'm a bit of an egotistical elitist sometimes, but I have good intentions. I pretty much suck at like, and there's no paticular thing I'm good at, but I could probably eat atleast five more krispy kreme doughnuts then you could. I make awkward sexual jokes often that offend a lot of people, and I like to drink juice boxes even though I'm approaching the age of seventeen. I love to mud wrestle and I'll never pass down the chance to go skinny dipping. The music I listen to sucks, but I could probably kick your boyfriends ass in a pit. I hate looking up things in telephone books and think that vegans should kill themselves. I have a wicked amazing boyfriend named Ray♥ who can totally do the truffle shuffle way better then anyone you know. Oh, and I love to color, dance naked in my room, listen to the Spice Girls and light shit on fire. kaythxbye.

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Ahem ahem ahem.... [Thursday
September 1st, 2005
Today is going to be Lauren's first day as a junior.

Wish me luck?
Die young. [[5]] Live fast.

August 20th, 2005
Leaders school is tomorrow. Shoot me in the face, please?
Die young. [[2]] Live fast.

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