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with love & squalor

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[053] [02 Apr 2009|02:42pm]
I do this a lot don't I? Forget about this and come back randomly just to talk about how I forget about this and come back again.

But I'm alive! Hello :]

Today is such a nice day, too bad it rained all of yesterday or else I'd roll around in the grass outside. Maybe later if it dries up a bit.

I've got some work to do, but I think I may put it off a little longer. It's nice to relax without having to worry about too many things at once.
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[052] [14 Sep 2007|09:49am]
so i'm back and it was awesome. actually i've been back for almost two months now, i'm just really lazy.

blah blah blah everything was awesome of course and if you're like my brother and you check the flickr account every hour, i know all the pictures aren't up yet. not even half of them are. sorry! they're just annoying to put up unless i'm in the moooooood.

college starts on the 24th and i really wish it would start sooner because i'm getting bored and lonely. i've even started to steal max's homework to do. and it's physics. i don't know what's wrong! hah. okay bye.
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