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"One can never answer questions at the wrong moment.

Life, like music, has a rhythm."

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It is quite probable that you will never know me.

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abstract expressionism, absurdity, allen ginsberg, amsterdam, anarchy, anti-war, attempting some intelligence, attempting some sanity, baltimore, bare feet, billy burroughs, black coffee, blonde redhead, brooding, cat power, cole swensen, communism, complexity, concentric circles of thought, conflicted natures, constant worry, crazy dancing, cyclicity, dan beachy-quick, david bowie, deerhoof, elizabeth robinson, environmentally conscious cartoon-owls, everything is nothing, everything is the same, existentialism everynight, extravagance, faulkner, fear & loathing, flower gardens, forgetting & remembering, francophilia, getting all kinds o'funky, gothic cathedrals, gotta stay fly, graveyards, hallucinogens, ideas, iowa writers' workshop, james galvin, jean-michel basquiat, jimi hendrix, kenneth patchen, kerouac, la langue francaise, le tigre, les vitraux, lesbians, lifebliss, loose-leaf tea, mad loving, marcel proust, mark levine, maybe some of that?, meditation, modernism, my hypochondria, nietzche, northern california, nothing is everything, of montreal, piet mondriaan, poete maudit, postmodernism, prague, promoting peace, railroad tracks, red wine, redwood trees, relativism, san francisco, shelly blake, shittons of music, silence, simplicity, slaying dragons, socialism, spontaneous adventures, stephen patrick morrissey, suicidal housewife-poets, surrealism, susurrousness, the concept of freedom, the concept of peace, the decemberists, the electric koolaid acidtest, the smiths, the talking heads, the unknown, the velvet underground, tree-huggers, troubled minds, ts eliot, twin peaks, waking life, walking alone in paris, walking around, wandering, weird noises, weirdos, what is anything, whatever, worshipping life, writing poetry, yoga