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jordan left friday.
serena left today. she was supposed to get back around monday, in time to see me off tuesday morning. but now there's a chance she may not get back until wednesday.
crystal's the only one i got here. And my pookie.
and i leave in two days.
i'm not feeling well right now, nauseous with sinus/allergy problems. pelvic cramps as well, but that could just be the end of my "cycle".
i can't decide if i'm excited about leaving or not. i feel like it's too early to tell. i don't want to feel reluctant on tuesday, that's for sure.

jacob won't stop reading ahead. he really is a big trash can full of poop. But i love hiiiim


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i'm leaving for kentucky

tuesday, nov. 20.

i will not return until dec. 19th.

what will you do with yourselves while i'm gone?!

let's see each other before i leave, plz.

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I just reread most of my recent posts, and I can honestly say that they have a very "disgruntle lesbian with one larger boob" feel.
Do Not Want.

However, I do want to go to Crystal's tomorrow.

[02:21] Crystal: mine's basically barren now
[02:21] Crystal: like a desert
[02:21] Crystal: or my heart
[02:21] Crystal: lulz
[02:21] dinosaurlor: i was going to say "a lesbian's womb"
[02:21] dinosaurlor: but whatevz
[02:21] Crystal: zing, got 'em

Oh, friendship.

Awwwwwwhhhhhhh. You're my best fwend.

Hooray for new friendz!

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i dyed mine and jacob's hair.
i'm not sure how i feel about mine yet.

"i hate you..."
*long pause
"..with love"
^ oh hay, jacob just summarized our relationship.
and maybe my outlook on everything.

whaaaaaaat a life.

oh yeah, and one of my boobs is progressively larger than the other.

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today was too cold to be texas.
jacob picked me up around lunch and we went to a movie. the movie itself was almost horrible, but the afternoon was nice. i even had jimmy john's.

i've really had about enough bullshit from every direction it's been coming from.
there are people out there who believe what they say, yet they still try their material on me.
i'll never understand it and as for right now, i don't care to.

i'm applying(this time for real) at papa murphy's this week. if i don't get some sort of constant income soon, i don't know what i'll do with myself.

camping was a total bust.

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everything is so hectic now.
i've come to terms with my upcoming birthday(as much as i can expect myself to) and i'm looking forward to seeing all of my friends in one common area.
however, a certain birthday tradition this year is more than likely not happening. that friend seems to have morphed into a strange, incompetent, shell of a person.. and honestly, i want nothing to do with that. which makes my "daily phone calls" that she "avoids constantly" seem more like a lie.

camping tonight, my first real time. this better go well, hopefully we find a place and remember toilet paper.