adverse account (__prettysure__) wrote,
adverse account

I really don't care about much of anything today/tonight/right now. However, I will now take the time to compile a list of the few things I do care about, whether deeply or not.

1. The fact that Judge Judy is a total cunt. (This, of course, I care deeply about)
2. All of my music has been deleted from my dad's computer, resulting in me having only 3 mix cds. None of which are terribly good.
3. Not eating red-meat anytime in the near future considering it does some foul things to my body.
4. Getting the fuck over hating myself.
5. Maggie, as per usual.

As far as my life goes, right now I have no plans, no ambition, and no shits to give.

**I may update this later after I watch Georgia Rule, considering there's always a chance that Lilo will bring love into my heart through her shitty acting.

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