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uhhh welllll

i don't know where to begin because i don't even know what is going on!!

i do know, that i'm a little caught up in this show sevendays, simply because it reminds me so much of stargate atlantis.
hai n3rdgrl.
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I really don't care about much of anything today/tonight/right now. However, I will now take the time to compile a list of the few things I do care about, whether deeply or not.

1. The fact that Judge Judy is a total cunt. (This, of course, I care deeply about)
2. All of my music has been deleted from my dad's computer, resulting in me having only 3 mix cds. None of which are terribly good.
3. Not eating red-meat anytime in the near future considering it does some foul things to my body.
4. Getting the fuck over hating myself.
5. Maggie, as per usual.

As far as my life goes, right now I have no plans, no ambition, and no shits to give.

**I may update this later after I watch Georgia Rule, considering there's always a chance that Lilo will bring love into my heart through her shitty acting.

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today i had the most amazing quesadilla from taco bell.
normally, i think they're overrated and too blackened, however today.. i was surprised.
in other news:


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i've cried roughly four times today, none of them were really necessary.
i don't feel sick anymore, but it's still harder to breathe than normal. could be due to other things..

my sleeping schedule is still off, but i'm working on it. i applied for nearly every position that offers insurance.
next major holiday, someone should buy me a root canal, or two.
or maybe just some veneers. you know what, FUCK TEETH.
oh, and fuck everyone who called me a bitch last weekend, when i feel better, i plan on showing each of you just how much of a bitch i can be.

..till then..

the flu, i has it

life is scrambled, brain is wired.
i can never sleep as long as i'd like, and i never wake feeling the way i'd like.
too many times i've been told the same thing but i never let it get to me the way it did last night. maybe it's time to make an effort, maybe it's time for people to stop being cunts, maybe it's time to get away from this place.
regardless, i'm nearly completely moved back into my dad's house and i feel good about it. surprisingly.

i'd like to have my shit in order when the sun decides to fade.
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ugh ugh ugh.

today was too confusing.
good in so many ways, bad in so many others.

i wish you would just grow up and realize you're wrong about the way things are.

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no no no no no no.

my stomach is shrinking, i swear.
i cut most of my hair off.

i have no energy today.
i haven't seen most of my friends in over a week.

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my eyes have burned all day.
i can't take my contacts out because i haven't gotten my new glasses.

no one is gone and no one here.
my life feels very spacious. like i need something new.. or something.
::edit:: i like the space
i'm rambling but it feels good to actually post.
no one reads this, and it's awesome.

i think it's time to contact old friends again.
here's to new beginnings with people from the past.