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ooh, aah, prawn*star

You know what your trouble is? You're all Thelma and no Louise...

Pretentious? Moi??
18 March

Out of Key. Slightly. Just enough to annoy you.

How is that postcard of the kittens working out for your stress? If you find you need something a bit stronger, I've got one of an otter wearing a dinner suit...

"i_only_told_you_to_blow_the_bloody_doors_off", acid house, aciiied house, allied vision, anastasia the metropolitan, artz & pfusch, being synthetic's official mascot, belgian new beat, betty boop, blackadder, boots, building a de-population bomb, cats, daphne from scooby doo, derelict fairgrounds, die fernsehturm im berlin, disused railway stations, ebm_bands_pretending_to_be_german, ebm_bands_that_really_are_german, fawlty towers, felix the cat, fog, fred dibnah mbe (y'knorrr!), funfairs, gloves, harry hill, hocico, horse riding, hunt saboteurs, ich_möchte_ ein_"e"_kaufen, industrial, industrial archeology, invisible sensuality, l-l-l-lump or lizard?, laughing at the fools, lords of acid, mimbo the invisible goat, misanthropy, nathan barley, numb, ooh-sah 5-the giraffe, paul merton, pescetarianism, photographing derelict buildings, pink things, pinstripes, piss-poor michael caine impersonations, pzychobitch, rollercoaster tycoon, salvage squad, signal aout 42, snorkel woofer, snow leopards, solipsism, sprechen sie fuckwitt?, steam powered things, sticky_the_stick_insect_stuck_to_a_sticky_bun, the industrial revolution, the italian job, the mighty boosh, the self-preservation society, toyah, tripping the light fantastique, viaducts, wave gotik treffen, zero defects