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TECHIES - show me the power of your knowledge...


Calling all you I.T. bods and bodesses:

1) Can any of you recommend a decent Firewall and Anti Virus software package that doesn't...
a) ...f**k up everything else on your computer </i>everytime</i> you download the latest weekly upgrade?
b) ...frequently bring your pc to a grinding halt because it automatically virus scans everything that is already on your computer everytime you open up an existing file or program?

Hint: the correct answer is certainly not Norton AntiVirus 2004

2) Do any of you techies know the answer to any I.T. question that does not involve the phrase "shut it down and reboot" or "reinstall everything"?

3) Can anyone recommend a good Registry Cleaner? Preferably one that checks with the user first before deleting any seemingly unused items that it finds?

Thanks :)

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