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Yay, go me!

So here's how it works: I spend a year working for Thames Trains as their press officer until I get right royally shafted and told "I am sorry we can't afford to pay your salary anymore, you'll have to go".

Then with a axe to grind the size of Reading, I get a six month contract at the Strategic Rail Authority. First assignment? "Do Thames Trains deserve to keep their train franchise?" No, of course they don't, the dodgy bastards, sack them! I decide, on a panel with a few other managers, that First Great Western would do a far better job and award them the new franchise. Then today, I get a phonecall from - guess who - First Great Western, asking whether I would like to come and work for them - and yes you've guessed it, doing exactly the same job but for more money, a free travel pass and I even got to dictate my own hours!!


Hurrah for nepotistic corruption within the rail industry!

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