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Feel my hardcore, people...

It's amazing how much testosterone can emanate from within my scrawny feminine exterior after a sufficient imbibing of alcohol. Among the stranger discoveries of the weekend was my new found potential to become a world champion in "Freeze Arm", seeing off all the competition before finally having my bluff called by a determined _nick_ and eventually having to declare a truce after seven minutes of having both our arms submerged in a vat of ice cubes.

Apparently, I went to Slimelight afterwards - I remember the journey there but absolutely nothing until arriving home. In the process, I seem to have lost my coat, among other things, so _jon_ is it still in your kitchen? or bulletproofcat is it in the back of Stuart's car? It is a black cheap nasty faux-leather vegetarian leather jacket.

Thanks to _jon_ for organising Saturday and everyone else over the last three days (too many to list).

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